LOVE ISLAND SPOILER: Are Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood over for good?


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Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have both ruffled some feathers during their time on Love Island, but since they've coupled up, the nation has started to fall in the love with them.

And it's not hard to see why, to be honest. They argue alllll the time, they banter each other NON STOP, but we're kind of digging that the two sassiest members of the villa have managed to bring out each other's sensitive sides.

Could you ever have imagined Polar Bear Chris acting like he is now with Chloe Crowhurst?! (We think not…)

However, in tonight's episode of Love Island, it looks like the power couple are set to hit a bump in the road, after the Somerset lad tells Liv to be quiet when he's trying to sleep in the bedroom.

Lads, eh? Being all annoying and disrupting our fun...

Of course, being the diva that she is, Liv storms off and sleeps in the bed outside, but when Chris goes to check on her, she doesn't hold back.

"A lot of things are getting to me at the minute. You don’t get me and you never will get me and I’m trying to force something that is not there," she tells him. "We’re trying to make something work that really in real life wouldn’t work. You don’t understand me the way I am, you just don’t understand me and I feel like I have to filter parts of my personality to suit you."

Jheez. Who would have thought a little chat with Tyla before bed would have caused all this dramz.

Later, Chris pulls Olivia aside in a bid to end their arguing: “I just want to squash it. I would never ever want someone to ever change me, I would never ever want to change anybody. I like you for who you are," he says.

Awww, first Marcel tells Gabs he likes just the way she is, and now Chris is copying his line...have the boys been taking some love lessons from Bruno Mars?!

And while Chris seems adamant that Liv is his type on paper, it appears that she just doesn't want to believe it.

“I think you like me, but as a package it’s not what you’re about and I think you know it as well,” she tells him.


We know a certain newbie Theo Campbell who might want to take you off Chris's hands if you fancy a change, Liv?

We've heard he's a super good looking, 6 ft 5, GB runner... you know, no biggie.

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