Love Island fans are convinced Olivia is using Chris to win the prize money


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Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes have hardly had the fairy-tale relationship since they got together in the Love Island villa. They argue non-stop, she ditched him for Mike, and then when Love Island's biggest (but also probably fittest) mug re-entered the villa she contemplated ditching Chris all over again…

But last night, things seemed pretty rosy between the pair, after Liv admitted they'd slept together, and asked Chris to be her boyfriend by reading him a seriously cute list of things she liked about him.

Chris’s reaction was TOO ADORBZ, and, yes, we might have cried just a little bit.

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The couple have been arguing on and off since they got together

But some Love Island viewers just weren’t convinced that Liv’s feelings were genuine.

Yup, you might remember that in Sunday’s episode she also admitted she’d rather be rich than have a family. Well, some people can’t help but think that it’s a littttle bit suspicious that she’s suddenly got back with Chris despite all their relationship problems.

Hmmm. Could she have her eyes on the 50k prize fund?!

One Twitter user wrote, “Liv saying she wants to be rich just proves she’s only bothered about winning and the money,” while another added, “so fake. She just admitted she only cares about the money. Eyes on the cash prize eh Liv?”

Even last year’s winner, Cara de la Hoyde got in on the action, writing: “Think that says it all Olivia ‘want to be rich’ #loveisland.”

And we do kind of see their point, tbh. Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Liv was telling everyone she’d take Mike into the hideaway and have her way with him if nobody found out?

Plus, she was pretty upset when she was voted one of the least popular Islanders... could her new relationship be nothing more than a tactic to win back favour and bag some dolla?

Don't worry Chris. If this theory turns out to be true, we'll be here to pick up the pieces.

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