LOVE ISLAND SPOILER: Camilla and Jamie go to the hideaway tonight… but what goes down?


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by Joanna Freedman |
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In last night's Love Island, we saw Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt share a kiss, and the world went into MELTDOWN.

Yes, Jamilla 2.0 is upon us, people…

And with tonight being Cam's birthday, we know you must be wondering if there's some more PDA in store for them...

Well, guess what? It looks like there might be!

In tonight's episode, Camilla is talking to the girls in the garden, and it certainly sounds like she's considering taking things further with the Calvin Klein model.

“I’m a normal woman. Of course every person would want to have sex with him," she tells Gabby Allen and Amber Davies. "I mean look at him... But we don’t know where we are at just yet and we’ve got two weeks to go.

"Shouldn’t I wait to find out what it’s like outside before I do that in case this is something that’s only happening in here?”

Eeeeek. Could Camilla be swayed?

Speaking to Montana Brown, Cam she wants to take things further with Jamie, but she's still a bit nervous.

"I need a bit more confirmation from his side, like sexual confirmation,” Camilla says, “I don’t want to go from zero to 100… In the real world I wouldn’t sleep with someone after four days.”

But Mon is quick to encourage Camilla not to overthink things.

“This is the situation where you want to do it and you’re stopping yourself and you should just go with it,” she tells her.

Later that evening, the Islanders have to pick one couple to head to the hideaway… and the birthday girl obviously takes the prize.

But will anything go down when the couple get some privacy?

Whatever happens in there, we're happy that Cam has finally found herself a man.

See ya later snakey Jonny Mitchell!

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