LOVE ISLAND SPOILER: FOUR Islanders to be dumped tonight in the latest shocking twist


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So, in case you haven't gathered by now, the path of true love never did run smooth in the Love Island villa. But after the amount of twists and turns that have happened over the last couple of days, even we weren't expecting the shocker that's coming our way this evening.

In the latest dramatic turn of events, FOUR Islanders are going to be dumped from the villa in tonight's episode, and we can barely contain our nerves, tbh.

In a preview of the show tonight, Jonny Mitchell gets a text: “Islanders the public have been voting for their favourite girl and favourite boy. The Islanders with the fewest votes risk being dumped from the Island tonight," he says.

O. M. G.

So tense.

Islanders are sure to be SHOCKED

So, who could be at risk of getting the boot? Well, this certainly won't come as good news to any of the Love Island newbies who've only been in the villa a couple of days.

We mean, how could the public vote any of them as their faves when they've barely had any air time amongst all the drama going on with the OGs?

In a scene which airs on ITV2 later, three of the public's least favourite boys and girls are set to be revealed, and then the most unpopular of each sex must leave the island immediately…

Ouch, they don't mess around, do they?

the new girls love island
Could the newbies be at risk?!

But it doesn't end there. Just minutes later, Marcel Sommerville and Montana Brown are told that they are the most popular boy and girl in the villa, but with great power comes great responsibility...

Yep, the Love Island producers never did play fair, and rather than giving Mon and Marc a prize for winning the love of the people, they instead force them to dump TWO MORE Islanders there and then.

Eeeeek. Montana is told she has to dump one of the least popular boys, while our Blazing bae has to dump one of the least popular girls.


We don’t think we can contain ourselves until 9pm to find out!

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