LOVE ISLAND SPOILER: Gabby Allen is left fuming after finding out Marcel Sommerville had MORE THAN ONE snog while in Casa Amor :o

This can't be the end of 'GARCEL', can it?!

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So, Marcel Sommerville and Gabby Allen have been the most solid couple in the Love Island villa for quite a while now.

They even talked about dropping the L bomb last night, and seemed super loved up, despite the shocking admission from our Blazin' Squad bae that he [kissed Shannen Reilly McGrath ](http://LOVE ISLAND SPOILER: Gabby Allen is left fuming after finding out Marcel Sommerville had MORE THAN ONE snog while in villa amor )in Casa Amor, as part of a challenge.

While a lot of the viewing public were absolutely fuming with Marc after his risqué behaviour, Gabby actually seemed pretty chill about the whole thing. (However, at this point, she only knew about ONE of the kisses that happened between Marcel and Shan.)

But in typical Love Island fashion, nothing stays secret for long. And in tonight's challenge, Gabby finds out a few home truths about Marcel's behaviour, which she isn’t best pleased with!

marcel kiss love island
Marcel and Shannen kissed in Casa Amor

In the challenge, named 'Poll Dancing', the Islanders had to work out what percentage of the public voted one way or another on certain questions concerning their behaviour

One of the questions read: "What percentage of the public think Marcel shouldn't have snogged twice while in Casa Amor".

OMG. How maaajorly awkward.

In the preview clip, Gabby clearly looks angry at Marcel for not telling her the whole story about his antics in the other villa, and later that evening she doesn't wanna hear it when he tries to apologise…

After the challenge, Marcel pulls Gabs aside, and says: “I feel like an idiot but let me explain the situation… So we’re playing the game and everyone is on me, ‘if you know it you’ve got to do it,’ so the one about the boy French kissing one girl, it was because of the pressure on the game.

"We lost the day before and everyone was like ‘we need to step it up.’ Come on, you know it was a challenge.”

Oooh. Can anyone else sense a little bit of panic coming from Marcel there?

Obvs, being the female boss that she is, Gabby shut her bf down in a preeetty sassy manner.

“Two sleeps in a bed with a girl and two kisses – you are something else,” she tells him.


However, we do hope Gabs and Marc manage to work things out - their mums have already met, after all.

Maybe she should just let him do some more groveling first…

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