Love Island fans are not happy with Gabby after that Montana conversation

Can she be trusted?

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by Ruby Norris |
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Pretty much all anyone in the heat office / entire world can talk about right now is Love Island and, thanks to the fact it's on our telly's every night of the week, we feel like we're in one big friendship group with the Islanders.

This means that we take it very personally when those who we thought we could trust turn out to be sneaky little snakes and are mean about our Love Island BFFs.

We are of course talking about former bastion of loyalty and honesty Gabby Allen having a bit of a bitch about Montana Brown.

montana brown

In last night's show viewers saw Gabby laying into Montana and her new bae Alex Beattie while confiding in her bf Marcel Somerville.

Not wanting to be overheard, Gabby used her phone to type out a message to Marcel accusing Montana of trying to take over her role in the villa.

"I feel like Alex and Mon are trying to take over our roles," she typed out.

Marcel agreed then agreed: "A hundred per cent."

Gabby continued to write: "Like every 5 minutes it's 'do you want to go for a chat?' and every time you say anything about anything or anyone Mon wants to know the ins and outs so she can go and give her worldly advice."


Viewers were not best pleased:

Some thought it would even cost them their spot as most popular couple.


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