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Guys, the dreaded day is finally upon us. It's the final day of our beloved Love Island (sobs), and after tonight we don't know what we're going to do with our lives.

So, in honour of such a SPECTACULAR series (seriously, it's been life-changing), we're doing a round-up of the Islanders' very best moments from the series, as told by the contestants themselves. OOOOH...

Who did you have the most fun with in the villa?

Montana: "Probably Amber and Liv. We've seen the ins and outs and nooks and crannys of each other - some good, some bad! We've become the best of friends, which is just lovely."

What was your favourite moment in the Love Island villa?

Amber: "The first ever challenge, where Kem went to go and kiss Camilla and she completely pied him." Lolz.

Our personal fave? When Chris took the parenting of a plastic baby doll very, very seriously.

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What will you miss the most about Love Island?

Gabby: "Living in a bikini - every day. And being tanned, that all round glow!" We're with you on that one Gabs, but don't worry. Just use some of the Solait Tinted Bronzing Lotion to keep your tan looking on fleek once you head back home to rainy England.

Sum up your experience in three words

Jamie: "Thrilling, surreal and educational."

How very sensible of you, Jamie!

What's going to be the first thing you do when you head home?

Chris: "The first thing I'll do when I head home will be seeing my mum and dad, my brother, and I wanna get my friends round to have a big meal somewhere." AWWWW. SO CUTE.

What was your favourite look in the villa?

Jamie: "I must say, Camilla's glitter look, she looked pretty fantastic." MARRY US ALREADY, WILL YOU. But yep, she was actual #GlitterGoals

What products couldn't you live without in the villa?

Montana: "I couldn't live without my eyebrow pencil, my SPF 50 and my mascara."

Watch the full video interview with the Love Island contestants, courtesy of Superdrug, below:


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