Love Island Spoiler: Romance is on the cards for Camilla with new boy Jamie

Third time lucky, eh Cam?

Love Island

by Ruby Norris |
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After a series of pretty darn shocking twists and turns, two new boys are entering the Love Island villa tonight to lift the Islanders' spirits.

Well, the girls' anyway. Unlucky lads.

Love Island

Tonight's show will see absolute MEGA FITLORDS Theo Campbell – a Team GB athelete – and Jamie Jewitt – an actor and a model – descend upon the villa an turn a few of the girls heads.

We're a month in so you know how this works by now, the boys will take three girls of their choice out on a date. But just to add a little element of surprise, in tonight's ep the girls receive texts completely out of the blue, before they've even had the chance to catch a glimpse of the fresh meat.

Love Island

Theo opts to take Olivia, Amber and Tyla out, and Jamie also decides to wine and dine the latter two. Jamie also reveals he's got a bit of a soft spot for Camilla.

Who doesn't, tbh?

She gets a text saying: "Camilla, Jamie would like to take you on a date. Please go and get ready. #nothappysingleisland #thenewjamilla."

Love Island

We're BIG fans of those hashtags.

Anyway, after returning from their date Camilla opens up in the Beach Hut, admitting she finds Jamie "attractive."

Meanwhile Chris Hughes gets the lowdown on the dates from Jamie, who explains enjoyed having intelligent conversation on his date with Camilla.

Chris then says: “I’d love her to click with someone properly. Hopefully you’re that guy. She is so stunning as well. I’ve never met anyone like her. I could see you are well suited.”

PUHLEAAAAASE. It's about time our Cam had a bit of luck in the love stakes.

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