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Does anybody really remember life before Love Island 2017? Nah, us neither. We think we used to, like, see our friends and go out for drinks and stuff. Can't be too sure.

Here at heatworld we've essentially signed the next seven weeks away to that villa over in Majorca; opting to sit in every night over socialising. AND WHAT OF IT? So much drama's gone down already, we'd be bonkers to miss episode 4 tonight.

And what can we expect, eh? Well we've got loads of big ol' SPOILERS for you ahead. Don't wanna see? Eff of, in the nicest possible way.

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New boy Chris Hughes has his eye on THREE girls

After entering the villa last night, bombshell takes a fancy to Camilla Thurlow, Montana Brown and Chloe Crowhurst.

Chatting about the girls, Chris is all like: "Camilla caught my eye straight away. She seems really sweet.

"I think Montana’s all over me to be honest, she’s been grafting a bit. But I can’t blame her can I? She’s got good banter, so we get on pretty well."

Only issue with Chloe is she's blonde. Chloe explains: "Every single boy in here likes girls with brunette hair. I haven’t got brunette hair. I feel like asking for some hair dye. I’m actually not joking by the way."

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Love Island

Could Jonny come between Kem and Amber?

Speaking to Amber, new Essex boy Jonny says: "As I told you last night, you are obviously my type but I didn’t realise I was sitting next to Kem when I said it. It was a bit awkward. But I know that you two have got something going on.

"I think it’s quite early doors for me anyway, but I think he’s quite a nice geezer. I’m not here to make trouble, if everyone’s consensually happy."

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Love Island

Harley makes a pitch for survival

After noticing there's something between Chris and Chloe, Harley lays all his cards on the table.

Chatting to Chloe, he says: "I just want to get your thoughts on the situation, because if you potentially see there’s something with Chris rather than me, then I’m going to have to go and speak to Camilla, plain and simple as that, because I want to be here.

"Although Chris is adapting to the environment, do you think that he’s being genuine? I can leave it down to you, because ultimately it’s down to you, but I just wanted to put it out there tonight."


Love Island

The boys get their bods out

Say no more.

Love Island

Love Island's on ITV2 tonight at 9, innit? Don't miss it.


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