Ten things you didn’t know about Love Island

Because you're as obsessed as we are. Admit it.

Olivia Buckland Love Island

by Georgina Terry |
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If you haven't been watching this series of *Love Island *you've basically missed out on the television event of the decade. Well, okay of June.

You may think you know the show inside and out but prepare to be dazzled by our frankly amaze little known *Love Island *facts.

Love Island villa

The villa has been improved since series 1 for added DRAMZ

After the success of the show’s first series, a few things in the villa were changed. The kitchen, smoking area and outdoor table have been made bigger because the more people in one place, the more drama there will be.

Love Island villa

The villa is real and stunning

The villa is situated in Ses Salines, a small town in South-East Mallorca, but sadly you can’t stay there. It’s owned by a French businessman and rented by ITV, so the only way you’ll get to try out that amazing pool is to apply for the show.

miss gb Deone Robertson and zara holland

Cameras are everywhere

There are cameras literally everywhere, even in the bath. We’d assume it’s a bit much knowing you’re on camera every second of the day, but former *Love Island *star Zara Holland told us that it’s actually very easy to act like they're not. "You definitely, genuinely forget the cameras are there, 1000%."

love island sex

No goss goes unnoticed by producers

Zara also revealed that you have to keep the mics on all the time which means every single piece of juicy goss gets picked up.

Rykard and Rachel Love Island

They’re all gooey romantics at heart

It may seem like *Love Island *is all about the frolics under the covers, but it seems a lot of the housemates are actually just looking for that special someone. Some couples have stayed together since day one, and Rykard Jenkins left after his sweetheart Rachel Fenton was booted.

Love Island Sophie Gradon

Not all the islanders have been in the spotlight before

A lot of the cast have showbiz connections: we’ve got two Miss GB winners, a pants model, one with brothers in Corrie and Emmerdale, and several with pals from TOWIE and Geordie Shore. But generally this is their first time on TV.

Caroline Flack Love Island

Caroline Flack’s never far from the villa

Caroline has her own pad, nicknamed 'Caroline’s Cabana', although quite why she needs to be close by is unclear.

Love Island

The cast have no contact with the rest of the world

The islanders genuinely don’t have their phones on them – they have no access to the internet nor any way to contact family and friends other than what’s organised by the show. When we chatted to Malin Andersson after she was kicked off the show she told us that she still hadn't got her phone back.

Love Island Terry and Malim

The application process is more innocent than you’d expect

Despite some of the raunchy challenges that happen during the show, it seems the application process is pretty reserved. Unlike the Geordie Shore audition, which involves getting smashed on a night out, Zara told us it consists of a form, which asks questions such as how long you’ve been single and what bad habits you have, followed by several meetings with producers (although some people, such as Troy Frith, were approached by producers about appearing on the show.).

Love Island S2 ep 1

They’ve really never met before

When the contestants arrive at the villa one by one, they really haven’t seen each other before (with the exception of a couple of people who’ve crossed paths before when working in Ibiza); they don’t have any idea who else will be in there with them, so that first challenge of confessing who fancies who is exactly as awkward and nerve-wracking as you’d imagine.

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