Love Island girl BOOTED OUT tonight

We're already tense. Tense!

Love Island

by Georgina Terry |
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We thought we'd seen all the DRAMZ *Love Island *could throw at us.

There was Rykard Jenkins' shock walk out to be with Rachel Fenton, which will definitely, 100 % work out, for sure.

Cara De La Hoyde astonished us by twerking each bottom cheek separately but at the same time, and Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott are somehow still together.

Love Island

But we did not see this coming.

Tonight, one of the girls will be unceremoniously BOOTED OFF the show and it won't be new girls Tina Stinnes or Lianne Isadora Van Riel.


The public have been voting for the most popular Love Island girl and in tonight's show the one with the least votes will have to pack their bags.


Love Island

Tina and Lianna both think it will be them as they've had the least time for people to warm to them.

But we think it could mean that people vote tactically to get the most disliked girl out.

If that's the case, could Kady's days be numbered? Or do people like her after she bellowed "You're a c*nt… and your dress is shit" at Tina, which was a horrible thing to say but is now our new favourite insult.

Or maybe Cara won't be safe as her seemingly solid relationship with Nathan Massey means she doesn't get much screen time. Other than when she twerks, obvs.

Perhaps Olivia Buckland's penchant for 'stealing' Zara Holland's men will be her downfall.

Love Island

Or could it be Malin Andersson? Who has forgotten cheese toastie gate? We have not forgotten!

Just so long as it isn't Sophie Gradon, the queen of our hearts. That's all we ask.

Watch Love Island tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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