Love Island EXCLUSIVE! Jake Cornish admits he ‘got it wrong’ with Liberty Poole

He’s realised the error of his ways

jake cornish liberty poole got it wrong

by Hannah Mellin |

Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole’s Love Island journey ended VERY abruptly when they sensationally called it quits and quit the villa just days before the final. In emotional scenes, the nation watched Liberty choose “self love” as she ended things with her now ex-boyfriend and admitted that she didn’t feel they were right for each other.

Fast forward a week and Jake and Liberty both caught up with KISS Breakfast's Harriet Rose for Stick It On Us with VOXI (over FaceTime as they were both still quarantining since leaving the villa) to answer questions from fans - and they didn't hold back.

When one asked if he thought he fought hard enough to save his relationship with Liberty, the former water engineer admitted he'd been doing some self-reflecting.

jake cornish liberty poole got it wrong
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Jake replied, “Yes, I felt like I did fight hard for her going into it and then as soon as Casa Amor come, and I came out of Casa Amor, when I saw her around the fire pit, the emotions were like ‘Wow, she’s there on her own’ and we were joined at the hip.

“And then the movie night, it just went downhill from there. If you don’t know me, I can’t articulate my words very well, I can’t express how I feel. It’s on the end of my tongue in my head but I can’t get it out. It’s my way and only my way. I need to sit back and take a breath and process it and I’ve learnt that about myself now."

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WATCH ‘I didn’t fight for her enough’ Jake admits he got it wrong with Liberty with your fan qs!

He continued, “Come the end, I look back and I’ll say I didn’t fight hard enough, I didn’t. It’s as simple as that. I got to sit back and understand how I went wrong."

jake cornish liberty poole got it wrong
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Even though things with Liberty are still fresh, another fan asked if he had had any famous women slide into his Instagram DMs now he’s single.

“Yeah. I’ve had DMs from famous people, I haven’t spoken to them because it’s not the time or the place,” he coyly said, and when Harriet asked what category of famous, he teased, “I’ll say TV [to narrow it down].”

So how are things with Liberty and Jake now they’re both back in Blighty? Is it awkward?

Jake said, “We have FaceTimed and it’s weird. Seeing her on camera it’s so weird, we were talking about what happened at the villa on our phones. We’ve had a journey and there’s no bad blood.”

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