Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell responds to Women’s Aid’s criticism claiming he ‘controlled’ Tyla

'That comment was made in extreme jest'

Love Island Jonny Mitchell and Tyla Carr

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While Love Island's Jonny Mitchell must be pretty gutted he's been booted out of the villa, at least it gives him the chance to respond to those claims he's been 'controlling' Tyla Carr.

Domestic abuse charity Women's Aid branded Jonny 'possessive' over comments he made to Tyla earlier this week; suggesting some of his comments carried an 'underlying sentiment' that he 'owns' her. But Jonny's now spoken out claiming what he said was 'very tongue-in-cheek' and wasn't to be taken literally.

Love Island Jonny Mitchell and Tyla Carr

Chatting to us, Jonny explained: "That comment was made in extreme jest; it was very tongue-in-cheek. I was just trying to laugh about things rather than losing my head.

"Of course I didn’t mean that in the literal sense, that’d be ridiculous. I think if anything over the last few days where I did back off and give Tyla the space to think about what she wanted it shows that I’m not possessive and controlling.

"The only time that I lost my head over things was when I felt that Theo had acted in a shady way. I feel any real person would want to confront someone over that kind of thing and I did. Then, after that, I gave her space.

"So no, it’s not how I am. I’ve just got pride and like to confront people about things if it needs to be done. I don’t comment; if that’s made me look possessive then that’s how it is, but it was made as a joke"

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So where does he see things going with Tyla now, eh? "When we get out I’d like to be able to play things as I would in the real world," he said. "You forget how you deal with things in the real world when you’re in there and it’s a little bit overwhelming to take a look at yourself and think ‘bloody hell, that’s not how I act.’

Love Island Jonny Mitchell and Tyla Carr

"It’ll be nice to approach things in a real world perspective and hit it in that way rather than being on the island."

Let's see how this one plays out, then...


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