Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Laura Anderson reveals how she REALLY feels about Paul Knops’ Britney Spears kiss 👀

'Make me oooh' indeed

Britney Spears kisses Paul Knops in Make Me... music video

by Carl Smith |
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When Paul Knops entered the Love Island villa claiming he'd kissed actual Britney Spears, we were nothing short of SHOOK. Then, a quick Google and watch of the Make Me... music vid confirmed it; he was the guy she'd snogged. Madness.

Now obviously you're gonna feel a weird mix of insecurity and total admiration on finding out your fella's kissed the princess of pop; so we thought we'd ask Paul's girlfriend Laura Anderson what she really makes of the whole thing.

Getting Under The Duvet with heat Radio's Emily Segal, Laura revealed she finds it all very 'sexy.' Ooh.

Love Island's Paul Knops in Britney Spears' Make Me... music video
©YouTube/Britney Spears

Asked if she initially believed Paul's arguably-pretty-ridiculous claims, Laura said: "I believed him. I think everyone in the world would want to kiss Paul. I’ve basically kissed her."

Well that's one way of looking at it, love.

Paul added: "More girls are jealous over it than guys. When people find out about it, the girls are like ‘oh, gutted.'"

So what does Laura think of it now she's seen it? "Oh my God, it’s so sexy," she admitted, with Paul simply concluding "make me ooooh."

Don't mind if we do, mate.

BELOW: Watch Under the Duvet with Laura and Paul...

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But it sounds like anything Paul can do, Laura can do better. Yep, she's got her sights set on bloomin' Eamonn Holmes.

"I just have always liked him," she gushed. "I love him and Ruth together, they’ve got a really good relationship together and they’re really funny.

"One night we played a game together and said 'who do you fancy?' and I said 'Eamon Holmes.' Everyone was so shocked.

Emily then had to probe, “Would you leave Paul for Eamon?” to which Laura had us in stitches as she revealed she just couldn't do that to Ruth.

We nearly had a Love Island exclusive when Laura revealed she had almost slipped up and confessed her 'love' for Paul, but caught herself at the last minute and demoted that 'love' to a 'like.'

Close, but no cigar.

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