Why Love Island’s Mary and Aaron are done ALREADY


Mary Bedford Aaron Simpson friend zone

by Daisy Hall |

It seems like just yesterday that Aaron Simpson was yelling at Kaz Kamwi for voting him and Mary Bedford as one of the least compatible couples in the villa… and that’s because it pretty much was.

Yet it already seems that Mary and Aaron (Maaron? Aary?) are done before they’ve even begun after Mary appeared to put Aaron very firmly in the friend zone on last night's Aftersun.

Love Island Mary Aaron friend zone

When asked by Laura Whitmore what the future held for their relationship Mary said, “I think we’re just gonna go home, when we’re back in the real world again and things are more normal. We’re going to see how it goes, but I’ve definitely made a best friend in here.”


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Chloe Burrows

Chloe may have caught all the boys' attentions as evidenced in a recent explosive episode, but you can see she's always been a stunner from this uni halls pic taken way back in 2015.

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The feeling didn’t seem to be mutual however, with Aaron seemingly keen to pursue something with Mary who said, “I knew my head was firmly on Mary and it was a whirlwind experience.”

They also seemed pretty affectionate whilst sitting on the Aftersun couch together so who knows?

Love Island Mary Aaron friend zone

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Tonight marks the final of Love Island 2021 and whilst Aaron and Mary just missed out on a spot in the final four, Chloe and Toby, Millie and Liam, Kaz and Tyler and Faye and Teddy have all nabbed a place.

Although we may have put our money on Chloe and Toby, it really could be anyone’s game.

Should Toby and Chloe win though, it’s not just £50,000 that the pair will receive as Amber Gill recently revealed that the winners of the show get given a special package full of goodies that none of the other Islanders receive.

She admitted, “I got loads of gifts as a winner pack and I got one of the phones which had the pictures that we took."

So, what else is included in this exclusive pack then?

"Loads of things… I got a cute little Polaroid camera. I got loads of nice things, cakes and flowers," Amber added.

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