Love Island’s Olivia’s receiving DEATH THREATS from viewers

Not cool

Olivia Attwood Love Island

by Carl Smith |
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If you're watching Love Island (of course you are), you'll no doubt have an opinion on Olivia Attwood. Whether you're with Stormzy and kinda don't think she's right for Chris Hughes or you see her, Chris and baby Cash Hughes (still obsessed) living happily-ever-after in a one-bed semi just outside of Gloucester; it's impossible to be on the fence.

But, love her or hate her, you surely wouldn't start sending her death threats purely 'cause she's on your tellybox every evening.

Well that's exactly what some viewers are apparently doing, leaving her family back in Blighty pretty shaken indeed. Understandable.

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Olivia Atwood Love Island

Speaking to The Sun Online, a source close to Liv's family said: "The family have had it really tough. A lot of people are really worried for them.

"They have had abuse shouted at them in the street. They are going through a very hard time."

Not cool, you lot. NAHT COOL.

Meanwhile the internet remains slightly more chill over the whole #Chrolivia (not really a thing) situation; choosing instead to obsess over Chris's actual 'baseball bat' penis and a plastic doll we've all fallen in love with.

Is that weird? Are we now those people you see on weird Sky channel documentaries who get married to inanimate objects? Potentially, but that's not the point.


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