Olivia Buckland reveals there’s a SECRET Love Island ‘magic cupboard’ nobody sees

What's that all about, then?

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We're so heavily invested in Love Island we thought we knew everything about the show. But - after Alex Bowen off of last year's series revealed something pretty shocking about the islanders' phones - his fiancée Olivia Buckland's gone one step further and spilled another big secret from the villa.

Yup - there's a 'magic cupboard' without cameras and our minds our blown. BLOWN.

Olivia Buckland
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Chatting about the whole shit phone situation, Olivia said: "Yeah, we never got the pictures that were on our phones. There were loads on there but we didn’t get to see half of them."

Well annoying. But the really controversial bit? This SECRET room viewers have never seen. So what the hell happens in there?

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Asked to spill some stuff they don't show on telly, Olivia revealed: "Well, I used to take a two hour nap a day and no one ever saw that. And we never knew the time either, we weren’t allowed to know.

"We had a secret little closet-wardrobe door thing and if we requested alcohol or cigarettes they turned up in the magic cupboard.

Wait, what? A magic cupboard? Tell us more.

"It used to unlock and we used to wait to hear it unlock and run towards it and any cigarettes, alcohol or like moisturiser we requested would just immediately turn up in there," she added.

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"I think [the producers] had a door the other side; so they used to lock our side, go in their side, put it in there, then unlock it and run out. I don’t get it.

"We requested Marmite and that was amazing. We got that, it was a good day."

WHO KNEW? There's some next level Narnia shit going down over in Majorca and we were bloody oblivious.


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