Love Island fans react to Camilla’s ‘naughty’ revelation

Goodness, gracious…

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Last night's Love Island marked a turning point for the couples in the villa. Everyone seemed to be getting on, the air was filled with the sweet aroma of blossoming romance and the L Word was thrown about quite a lot.

Alex Beattie took Montana Brown by surprise when he muttered those three little words after being in a relationship for just two weeks, which to be fair feels more like two years in Love Island time.

Love Island

But that wasn't the only shock revelation to catch viewers off guard in last night's show.

The other bombshell came from the nation's sweetheart and all-round good egg, Camilla Thurlow, who knocked the wind out of viewers when she hinted she'd had oral sex with Jamie Jewitt in bed the previous night.

This comes a few days after she revealed Jamie 'put it in' the other night. Read more about that here.

Jamie Jewitt Love Island naked

Obviously, Camilla wasn't exactly forthcoming with all the gory details, but during a conversation with Gabby Allen she teased: "I’ve been a bit naughty, if you know what I mean?"

To aid Gabby's confusion, Camilla than tapped her lips, basically admitting she gave Jamie a blow job.

"I literally cannot resist him. It is a really problem in my life," she then explained.

Speaking to the boys and unable to wipe the grin off of his face, Jamie also hinted that the couple got up to all kinds of nawty things.

"It was one of those nights when I woke up and kept thinking about little things from the night before," he said.

We bet you did.

He then added: "I keep saying she is fully out of her shell but then the other night, its new things every time. It’s just brilliant."

Love Island

Later on in the episode the couple went on a romantic final date in the villa and the topic of conversation drifted, naturally, onto bondage and BDSM (as well as their plans to visit refugee camps).

Just when you think you know a person, eh Camilla?

Fans on Twitter had mixed reactions to Cam's sexual awakening in the villa. Take a look:

Others praised Jamie for bringing Cam out of her shell.

Some speculated over how Jonny Mitchell would take the news.

But also, some fans couldn't help but notice the similarities between this Hollywood blockbuster and Camilla and Jamie's date.


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