Love Island spoiler: The Olivia/Mike/Chris love triangle is about to get SO CRINGE and AWKS


Olivia Chris Mike Love Island

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Olivia is between a rock and a hard place on Love Island right now. A super sexy Greek rock and equally gorgeous farmer hard place, but still.

She might have been coupled with Sam, but she ended up fancying Chris and then OOPS fancying Mike too. When Mike chose her during Sunday's recoupling, it all got super bitchy between him and Chris.

Chris Mike Love Island

So, what would any normal person do in real life? Avoid them until you get so stressed about it you end up sacking them both off. Of course.

Unfortunately, Liv is living with both her potential bae's and can't avoid bumping into them. But she doesn't really seem to hate it in tonights Love Island...

SPOILER ALERT... she canoodles with Chris. And Mike almost catches them.


Olivia Love Island

Okay so she doesn't quite CANOODLE canoodle, but the pair are super flirty in tonights ep, with all the other Islander's slowly catching on.

One in particular is Amber, who catches them being all cute and close. Probably the last person you'd want watching when your trying to SECRETLY flirt with your sort-of-ex-sort-of-current-bae behind the back of your sort-of-bae-but-don't-really-know-him-at-all.

Olivia Chris Mike Love Island

We're getting stressed just reading spoilers, let alone watching it. LET ALONE LIVING IT.

We actually feel a bit sorry for Liv, but also Mike and Chris are fit AF so not really.

Catch all the drama tonight at 9pm on ITV2 (like you don't already know that...).


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