Luck Mecklenburgh told her sister she was banned from going on TOWIE

What big sister says, goes.

by Maria Vallahis |
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Lucy Mecklenburgh’s little sister isn’t allowed to appear on The Only Way Is Essex, just yet. Lydia Mecklenburgh is apparently ‘too young’ to appear on the reality TV show, according to her big sis.


“She got asked to go on TOWIE quite a few times but I always said no,” Lucy revealed to the Mirror. "She was young, she was 17 and I think that's too young. I was 19 and I think that was even still probably too young.

"She was offered other TV work and modelling work and stuff and I've said that's great.

"I say: 'When you've finished uni you can do what you want. My advice is stay in uni and get your grades.'

"She's quite shy and sweet and I'm not sure TOWIE would have been right for her.”

Little sister, Lydia.
Little sister, Lydia.

According to Louis Smith’s girlfriend, Lydia loves university and should focus on that.

Other things Lucy Meck should stop from appearing on TV/the Internet is a bum selfie with Louis.

Lucy and Louis bum selfie. No. Just no.

Please Lucy, sort out your boyfriend from posting these kind of selfies.

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