The best, cringiest and most scandalous Made In Chelsea moments EVER

Yaaaah, it's really haappening.

Made in Chelsea cast series 12

by Brogan Goldsworthy |

Get ready to throw a pardy - Made In Chelsea is back.


So let's look back at the best moments the overly privileged lot have provided us with in the past series (whilst low key crying at the thought of how much all their inheritances are.)

Spencer Matthews cheating on Louise Thompson

Made In Chelsea

Many…many times.

We don't think there has been one single series in which womaniser Spencer Matthews hasn't cheated on his girlfriend of the time.

Yet girls still go there. He must be compensating elsewhere for them to fall for his atrocious relationship etiquette... but that’s none of our Kermit-style business.

However, Louise sure did get the special treatment from Spenny when he did THE WORST possible thing you could ever do in a relationship and cheated on her IN HER OWN (most likely water with perfectly goose-feathered pillows) BED.

Spencer tried to somehow justify himself saying "I don't know what's wrong with me"

We do Spence. You're a dickhead.

Victoria Baker Harper calling Cheska Hull a "f*cking fat turkey"

Christmas was looming and Victoria used the seemingly fitting insult when in a feud with Cheska and Lucy Watson at a festive dinner party.

In her usual lady-like manner, VBH's direct quote was actually: "f_cking open your f_cking fat f_cking mouth you f_cking fat turkey."

Cheska's face was an absolute picture, and better than the one Francis Boulle had painted of himself. Cringe.

You can't deny initially awkwardly laughing in shock, then realising that us girls need to stick together and that fat shaming is in NO way cool.

Nor is saying someone resembles a turkey. Nice one Victoria, dahling.

"Why is everyone getting up in my grill" Lucy Watson, 2013

Possibly THE most memed quote in MIC history.

Lucy got caught in the fire between Andy Jordan and Spencer when Spenny accused Andy of stealing bezzie mate Jamie Laing's girl. (Because going on one date with Lucy meant she was claimed by Jaime forever, obvs)

Then everyone else piped up and jumped in the Bentley of bickering, and Lucy delivered the best and most un-Chelsea-like one-liner ever.

The fellow richies all look awkwardly at each other in shock at Lucy's somewhat urban come-back, and Millie Mackintosh dissed her, asking, "who says that?"

The thuggiest of all _MICe_rs Mills, that’s who. Don’t mess with the Watson.

Gabriella Ellis' bizarre break-up coping mechanisms

What's the obvious thing to do when grieving a failed relationship because your ex-boyfriend can't decide if he likes peen or not?

Why, call a bunch of look-a-likes in for your new music video OF COURSE.

Despite saying "this is not about Ollie" when Cheska asked if he'd be featuring in it, we (and everyone else watching) begged to differ.

You know, closure and all that.

We can't decide what's more awkward though: the fact that she auditioned a bunch of Ollie Locke look-a-likes or the weird fluffy white feathers protruding from the corner of her eyes in the video whilst her mouth movements don't quite fit with the audio.

"Here's to friendship" – Millie Mackintosh's toast

The series two finale certainly ended with a bang – quite literally for Hugo Taylor and Rosie Fortestcue as it came out that they had messed about together in the sexy way WHILE Hugo was with Millie. Gasp.

Millie took to the stage at Mark Francis and Francis Boulle's lavish 1930s-themed birthday bash and VERY publicly confronted her 'best friend' and ex-lover on their betrayal, after previously giving Rosie the benefit of the doubt about the rumours of them doing the lying-down dance.

Just goes to show money can't buy you happiness (or loyal friends), eh?

Maybe it's one of the moments they looked back on and laughed about when Hugo reportedly SPENT THE NIGHT at Mills' house five weeks after her marriage split announcement.

**Francis Boulle. Naked. In a swimming pool. On his own.**

Well, he wasn't completely on his own as Rosie Fortescue walked by and helped his no-clothes situation by chucking him his (quite frankly, awful) swimming trunks.

Francis, clearly appreciating her kind gesture, then asked her out for a drink, which she politely declined while attempting to cover any kind of vision of his crotch.

He then got a tiny bit creepy and softly asked Rosie to, "come in, the water's warm."

Aw, bless him and his awkward nakedness.

Spencer winning Stephanie Pratt round in the most Chelsea way possible

Steph flew to Italy with Spencer and fellow ex-girlfriends - Lucy, Louise and Emma Miller - for an extremely awkward city break.

During the trip, Spenny attempted an apology to the straight-talking American for (shock) his cheating ways.

She used some choice words to describe her feelings on the situation such as:

· "This apology sucks"

· "I would rather kiss the floor than ever kiss you again as I'm sure that would be more sanitary."

· "You're an asshole"

Aaaand personal fav:

· " You're like the devil in a clown suit."

However, fast forward approx. 30 seconds later to Spencer admitting she "has an affect" on him and that he genuinely feels really guilty for his actions, the mood is suddenly lightened as, clearly knowing the way to a girl's heart, Steph was miraculously won over when Spencer presented her with a small gift.

Just a dainty PRADA BAG. Pretty average, that.

It clearly worked as Steph hooked up with him later that night, subsequently leaving her dignity in Venice for being won over by f*cking bag.

Yep, another moment of pure entertainment at a poor girls exSPENCE (sorry)

Made In Chelsea

Rosie and Millie confronted the cheating git in front of girlfriend at the time Louise about one of his incidents of infidelity while Louise was at university in Edinburgh.

In good old fashioned style, Spencer claimed he has no clue what they were on about which infuriated Millie.

The confrontation spectacularly escalated, she slapped him across the chops then dramatically stormed off.


Mark Francis Vandelli finding out that Nandos isn't a wine bar

Although they're in the minority, there are some moments that will always be remembered that don't involve relationship troubles, slaps, drinks being thrown or Spencer not being able to control his sexual urges.

Behold, the moment the poshest of the posh, the man who makes the others look like actual peasants, Mark Francis Vandelli, found out that Nando's isn't a wine bar but in fact sells delicious chicken (other chicken restaurants are available).

Another bum-clinching-ly awkward Lucy Watson moment

Not one to bite her tongue, Lucy made it very clear what her feelings were for Rosie when the London lot took their drama stateside for a whole series in New York.

The death stare toward Rosie was immediate and it all went downhill from there.

After a moment of VERY awkward silences, Stevie Johnson started the conversation off saying how being in New York should be a new start and everyone should all get along. He couldn't have been further off the mark if he tried, bless him.

The rest of the conversation went as follows:

Lucy: "Yeah, I'll be having fun with some people and some people I'll be avoiding."

Rosie (after a few more death stares and another prolonged awkward silence)" "I don't know why you just have to be so rude,"

Lucy: "Because you're a bitch."


Made in Chelsea series 12 begins on Monday 10 October on E4.


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