Made In Chelsea Series 8 is back – AND there are some new faces in SW3!

Still no sign of Caggie Dunlop >:(


by Emmeline Saunders |

Made In Chelsea will be returning to our screens in SIX DAYS, people – and there’s a whole host of stuff to looking forward to in the upcoming Series 8.

According to the producers of the hit E4 show, MIC regulars Spencer Matthews, Jamie Laing, Binky Felstead, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Lucy Watson, Louise Thompson, Stevie Johnson, Rosie Fortescue, Oliver Proudlock, Sam Thompson and Riley Uggla will all be coming back to Chelsea after their foray in New York, along with Cheska Hull and Fran Newman-Young – despite them apparently being sent home from the Big Apple for being too boring.

Binky’s ex Alex Mytton will also be rejoining the cast, even though ALL of them hate him, while Louise’s Yankee loverboy Alik Alfus will be flying over to appear in the new season.

Bitchiness will be provided by Victoria Baker-Harber and her blonde sidekick Sophie Hermann, plus Binky’s mum Jane Felstead will be on hand to drink champagne while dispensing wise advice.

Oh, AND Stephanie Pratt will be making her guest appearance a more permanent fixture in Series 8 as she’s just got herself a flat in Chelsea. Yay!

The bigwigs at E4 have been scouting around for some new faces too, so prepare to meet Lucy’s younger sister Tiff Watson, who’s currently single. With Spencer’s penchant for, erm, unexplored pastures, could we see the first MIC love-triangle to involve two siblings?

There’s also Alex’s mate from uni, Will Colebrook, plus his friend Lonan O’Herlihy, who - from what we can see on Twitter - looks a bit of a fitness freak.

Can we just have Caggie Dunlop back now and be done with it? Please?

Catch the first episode of Made In Chelsea Series 8 on Monday 13 October at 9pm on E4.

GALLERY: Made In Chelsea New York - everything you need to know about the cast

Made In Chelsea New York: everything you need to know about the cast

Spencer Matthews
1 of 9

Archetypal bad boy with an eye for the laydeez. Has boffed, porked and sweated his way around London, causing mayhem for around 75% of the female population. Once accidentally had his penis touched by a dude during a threesome and wasn’t into it at all. Got caught up in an orgy with Alex Mytton during the last season, unleashing hell on Alex’s then-girlfriend Binky Felstead. Has a propensity for looking extremely smug while d**king over one of his friends. Is possibly a psychopath but hasn’t done any murders. Yet. Ponked: Louise Thompson, Caggie Dunlop, Lucy Watson, Funda Onal, Sophia Sassoon, possibly Stephanie Pratt, possibly the Queen.

Binky Felstead
2 of 9

Overly extensioned daughter of Chelsea’s very own Oracle, Mummy Felstead (otherwise known as Jane) who spent most of the last series in tears at ex Alex’s sexploits. Used to be thick as thieves with Cheska Hull and Ollie Locke, now seems to have jettisoned them in favour of housemate Fran Newman-Young.Ponked: Alex Mytton, obvs. One-time boss Richard Dinah. Had semi-things with both Spencer and Jamie. Who hasn’t?□

Jamie Laing
3 of 9

Perpetual child/Labrador hybrid stuck inside a man’s body. Runs a company producing sweets and uses every opportunity on the show to plug it. Has a penchant for declaring his love to women he’s only just met, then going off them quicker than a round of Camembert left out in the sun. Most likely to be found desperately trying to stop best mate Spenny from stealing his girls.□□Ponked: Lucy Watson, Tara Keeney, Gabriella Ellis. Has declared love to Rosie Fortescue, Louise Thompson, Kimberley Garner…

Lucy Watson
4 of 9

Prima donna bitch who gives excellent face. Whenever you need a rolled eye or especially cutting comment, Lucy’s straight in there to dish it out. Made her debut by telling everyone to get out of her grill but has just about managed to restore her street cred. Has fallen out with pretty much every female character on the show and caused much dramz between Spencer and Jamie.□Ponked: Spencer. Jamie. Kinda hooked up with Andy Jordan for a bit. Lived with Stevie Johnson but kept him as more of a pet than anything else.

Louise Thompson
5 of 9

Tiny posho with the world’s second-most annoying voice (first place goes to her younger brother, Sam). Spent most of the preceding series crying over boys but seemed to grow a backbone in the last one. Was rumoured to have slept over at a certain boyband member’s house – name rhymes with Kyle Noran, if we recall – but we can’t talk about that BECAUSE OUR LAWYERS MIGHT BE READING.Ponked: Spencer. Maybe Jamie. Andy Jordan. Maybe Kyle Noran.

Mark-Francis Vandelli
6 of 9

The undisputed king of Chelsea who always has a beautiful folded pocket square tucked into his Italian linen suit. We once saw him in shorts and it BLEW. OUR. MINDS. Has a loyal housekeeper who follows him around with vintage champagne and fine silverware. Looks quite at home on a private helicopter. Doesn’t trust horses. Enjoys prolonged bitching sessions with Skeletor/Victoria Baker-Harber. Has an actual Russian princess as his MUM. Ponked: No-one on the show, as yet, but was spotted canoodling with a mystery gentleman earlier in the summer.

Sam Thompson
7 of 9

Stereotypical annoying little brother of Louise, thinks he’s god’s gift but really isn’t. Has an unfortunately high incidence rate of inserting his foot into his mouth around attractive lady-people. Once made Fran a mix tape with a topless picture of himself in an attempt to woo her. It didn’t work.Ponked: Precisely no-one.

Victoria Baker-Harber
8 of 9

Terrifying Skeletor impersonator and backer of the Let’s Hunt Peasants political party whose designer handbag has been surgically grafted onto the crook of her elbow. Once called Cheska Hull a “f***ing fat turkey” in probably the best MIC fight ever. Ponked: Pur-lease, as if VBH would ever lower herself to anything so vulgar as shagging.

Alex Mytton
9 of 9

Mittens, as he’s sometimes known (or ‘d**khead’ if you’re feeling uncharitable) is basically the worst. Not only did he cheat on Binky multiple times with multiple people, he also got embroiled in an orgy with Spencer WHICH HE THEN LIED ABOUT. There’s no word yet on whether he and Binky will still be together in New York, but here’s hoping she’s finally come to her senses and dumped him. Ponked: Your mum.

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