So Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews DID cheat on Lauren Hutton

A drink to the face is probably the least you deserve, Spenny

by Emmeline Saunders |
Published on

Last night’s Made In Chelsea was pretty epic – Spencer Matthews was once again unmasked as a Cheaty McCheatface and his girlfriend Lauren Hutton gave him what for by chucking her drink over him.

Turns out Spenny had kissed another woman during a house pardy at Jame Laing’s, and Lauren was NOT happy about it.

“You’re such a f**king ridiculous excuse of a human being,” she told him, devastatingly.

“You’re so ridiculous. I didn’t want to be with you – it took me so long to try and make myself think, ‘OK, that guy is not a f**king joke’… [but] you are!”

Spenny tried to defend himself by saying “it’s not fair”, but then Lauren rounded on him again.


“I…I…I tried so hard,” Spencer stuttered, before Lauren told him “f**k you”.

The pièce de résistance was when Lauren just glared at him for a few seconds then silently threw her champagne in his face.

But it looks like Lauren’s already forgiven her errant boyfriend, as the pair have been spotted together over the last few weeks – so way after the episode was filmed.

Spenny also tweeted: “Check out @iamlaurenhutton looking amazing as ever.. Love her! X”

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