Marcel’s mum is adorable and we are obsessed with her

Guess who is the only person on this planet cuter than *Love Island’s* Marcel Somerville?


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That’s right. Marcel’s mum, Corleta Somerville has been gushing all around town about how proud she is of her son on the show AND gives Gabby Allen the all-important Mother Somerville stamp of approval.

This is the happy ending we have been dreaming of.

Speaking on Lorraine this morning, Marcel’s mum spoke about how nervous she was when initially on the show no one stepped forward for her son.

On the show, she explained: "I thought to myself, 'how can nobody step forward for my son?’ He's so gorgeous you know? But then, that's a mother's love."

But fear no more! She is super-duper happy now that Marcel is happily settled into what is fast becoming 2017’s Most Adorable Couple, especially now the duo are firm favourites to win the show.

She gushed that: "I have loved seeing Marcel just being himself and being respectful to not only himself but to Gabby as well. It is so lovely."

She even called Gabby the ‘cream of the pot!’

Corleta’s interview comes just a few days after it emerged that Adele (half-jokingly) went and called Marcel’s brand new girlfriend Gabby a tramp in front of the whole of Wembley arena, which is slightly harsh even by her standards.

We’re siding with Corleta on this one Adele, soz not soz.


When discussing about the slightly sauuuucy nature of the show, she explained how Marcel pre-warned her about some of the stuff that goes down in the villa.

However, the couple haven’t actually had sex in the villa (as far as we know) and Mrs Somerville has said she is proud of her son’s behaviour on the show so far.

So are we Marcel’s mum, so are we.

Also, fun fact, but don’t tell anyone, yeah. Marcels’ mum? Used to be in Blazin’ Squad.

Keep it on the DL though.

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