Marcel Somerville makes a shocking claim about Love Island that changes EVERYTHING


Love Island's Marcel Somerville

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Marcel Somerville's appearance on Love Island was such great promo for Blazin' Squad the band have announced a big reunion gig, had their absolute tunes rediscovered by the masses and seen their name plastered over loads of merch. Mainly 'cause Marcel mentioned 'em on average 348 times a day*

*Not necessarily factually correct.

But did you know Marcel was actually told to drop the Blazin' bombshell into conversation by producers? Gah, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

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Love Island's Marcel Somerville

Revealing the shocking truth to OK!, Marcel explained: "I'm going to be honest, every time I said it, it was because the producers asked me to say it.

"They'd be like, 'Have a conversation with Olivia and could you just let her know you used to be in Blazin' Squad?'

"They got me on the show for that reason, so I had to go along with it. I don't mind because it's a bit of fun and it got a lot of love.

"But I only said it five times."

Mind blown, mate.

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In other news what the hell's going on with that rumoured release of the Little Bit Leave It rap with Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay, eh? "I wouldn't rule it out, but for the time being I'm focusing on my stuff," said Marcel.

"I might help produce their track, but I'm more of a serious musician. I don't really want to do the novelties."


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