Matt Le Blanc has answered one of Friends’ biggest mysteries


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We like to imagine that, much like the cast of Harry Potter, the Friends actors are all still in a WhatsApp group together and engage in regular bantz – taking the piss out of Ross, Chandler cracking jokes etc etc.

But realistically Joey and Chandler weren't even invited to Rachel's IRL wedding so our HOPES AND DREAMS WERE CRUSHED.

Because we're so creepily obsessed with Friends, on the rare occasions one of the actors discusses it we get VERY EXCITED.

Matt Le Blanc appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, and revealed why Joey was wearing that sling during the episode where he ate all that jam.

You know the one.

During the episode in which Joey and Chandler are fighting over the chair (Rosita, you know) – he revealed that he fell and dislocated his shoulder in front of a live audience.

"That was the one where I dislocated my shoulder. The audience that night was made up of Diet Coke contest winners.

"It was the second scene. Chandler and I are fighting over the big down chair – I'm downstage at the table and he comes in the door and we both look at each other, look at the chair and neither one of us is sitting in it.

"So we both race to the chair and I have to just step over the coffee table and land in this big, huge, comfortable chair. I don't even think it qualifies as a stunt.

"Somehow I ended up completely upside down and I was going to land on my head between the table and the chair, so I put my arm up to break my fall and just exploded my shoulder. So I get up and everyone thought it was part of the show."

"I just kinda collapsed against the wall and I'm looking at my arm and my whole shoulder is gone – my arm is sticking out of my ass basically.

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"And I look up and Anthony Edwards from ER happened to be there at the next stage over and he comes over and I'm like: 'Did I hit my head too? Because I know you're not a real doctor, get out of here.'"

Producers then had to write injury into the show, hence the sling.


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