Megan McKenna: Chloe Lewis is still trying to cause trouble for Pete Wicks and me

Turns out the TOWIE ladies have NOT buried the hatchet

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Like her or adore her, Megan McKenna was the biggest thing to happen to TOWIE last season.

She waltzed in fresh from *Celebrity Big Brother *on the arm of extreme fitlord Pete Wicks and although she didn't demonstrate anything like her epic tantrums of Ex On The Beach she still had major fights with Kate Wright and Chloe Lewis.

Megan and Kate seemed to get over their fallout and we thought that after Chloe broke up with rotter Jake Hall she might do the same.

We were wrong.

Jake Hall Towie

We caught up with Megan, plus her delicious cast mates Bobby Norris and Danni Armstrong to find out all about the DRAMZ we can expect from series 18.

"There's confrontation," Megan told us, getting straight down to business,

"I find out Chloe’s been talking about me and I’m not very happy.

"I'm in a new relationship with Pete, and it's not nice for a rumour to come out, it never is."

Megan wouldn't tell us the exact rumour Chloe's been spreading about her but did reveal that it was along the same lines as when she accused Megan of sleeping with Jake.

Megan McKenna Chloe Lewis fight

Remember when Chloe told Megan: "What I've heard of you, I don't really like. That you sleep around and you're trashy"?

Nice. Whatever happened to girl power, ladies? Have we learned nothing from Love Island and it's empowering message about young women and sex? NOTHING?

"It’s that thing again where the girls get the blame," Danni told us of Megan vs. Chloe round two.

"I’m guilty of that as well, I’ve put the blame on the girl rather than James [Lock]. Girls don’t stick together.

"But these guys go around Essex and do what they want."

Megan Danni TOWIE

But is Chloe purposely trying to cause trouble for Megan and Pete?

"Yeah, maybe she is," Megan said.

"Obviously she’s not happy in herself so she’s putting it on other people."

"You know our lot," Bobby, the silver-haired prince of our hearts said, wisely.

"Whether it’s Essex or Spain, the drama follows us. It's been drama in Palma. "

*The Only Way Is Mallorca beings on Sunday 17 July at 10pm on ITVBe. *

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