Mel B to RETURN to X Factor tonight after shock recovery from serious illness

The judge has been discharged by doctors


by Owen Tonks |

Well, she’s certainly kept us on our toes this week! Mel B is to return to The X Factor tonight after doctors discharged her from hospital.

The show's judge missed out on saying goodbye to her last remaining contestant Andrea Faustini last night after she became seriously ill.

But just hours before the final live episode of the series, it was announced she is to take her seat on the panel once again.

TV bosses tweeted: “Mel B is back on #XFactor tonight. After the hospital discharged her & following medical advice Mel is deemed well enough for the show.”

The former Spice Girl was struck down with a mystery illness last week and missed the final press conference and rehearsals on Thursday.

She was rushed to an urgent care centre by her driver when she began screaming in agony with stomach pains.

Doctors reportedly ran tests for viruses and a stomach ulcer and it was unclear if she was going to return to the series at all.

The scare prompted her estranged mother Andrea and sister Danielle to desperately try and hunt down the hospital where she was staying as they have not been in contact with the star for six years.

Good to have you back, Mel!


Before the stylist: Mel B's 50 worst outfits EVER

19th February 1996
1 of 50

Are those ice skates you're wearing?

31st March 1997
2 of 50

Nice try but that red nose won't distract us from the puffa coat

30th April 1997
3 of 50

Where does that fringed monstrosity even begin, let alone end?

15th May 1997
4 of 50

You'd think with this many eyes staring at you, at least one of them would get it right

2nd June 1997
5 of 50

Fresh from raiding the costume cupboard at Joseph And The Technicolour Dreamcoat

21st August 1997
6 of 50

That looks nice and unsweaty...

17th September 1997
7 of 50


25th October 1997
8 of 50

"Maybe if I stand like this everyone will think I'm a waxwork and not question my outfit..."

30th May 1998
9 of 50

Plumber chic was obviously a 'thing' in 1998

4th June 1998
10 of 50

An entire outfit made of scarves. Lovely

4th February 1999
11 of 50

Well that looks like a lovely comfy pregnancy outfit...

31st March 1999
12 of 50

Was that award for services to ankle swingers?

7th July 1999
13 of 50

Cramming yourself into a pair of old tights is never gonna look good. Especially when paired with clown boots

14th July 1999
14 of 50

A sausage skin frock is hardly appropriate red-carpet attire

7th September 1999
15 of 50

Woody from Toy Story called. He wants his outfit back

9th September 1999
16 of 50

Believe it or not, this was a Julien MacDonald creation modelled by Mel B on his catwalk. So STRICTLY (geddit?) this is all his fault

13th September 1999
17 of 50

Sorry Mel, Neil Armstrong's already been there, done that

28th September 1999
18 of 50

A green corduroy jumpsuit = so gross it's kind of brilliant

1st October 1999
19 of 50

Mel B - always prepared for light rain

5th November 1999
20 of 50

Village theatre curtains don't half double up as lovely trousers

8th November 1999
21 of 50

It takes a lot to leave us speechless, but this has done it. Well done Mel

23rd May 2000
22 of 50

Has someone thrown up an entire factory of Parma Violets over poor Mel?

30th March 2000
23 of 50

Does a bikini top not defeat the point of wearing a fur gilet?

1st May 2001
24 of 50

Whoever's got that can of gold spray paint needs to watch out. Scary's comin' for ya

30th June 2001
25 of 50

Let's just hope she didn't need the loo

30th November 2001
26 of 50

Just keep smiling and no-one will ever know a savage dog ripped off half your dress on the way to the Top Of The Pops Awards

6th February 2002
27 of 50

Taking Lady In Red a little too literally

27th February 2002
28 of 50

Channelling MC Hammer in some waterproof harem pants. Perfect festival wear

21st November 2002
29 of 50

It's probably best just to stay on the phone and pretend people aren't screaming in horror around you

8th May 2003
30 of 50

Zipped leather cropped trousers. Send Mel B to fashion hell immediately please

1st May 2007
31 of 50

This many sequins should not physically be allowed on one item of clothing

25th January 2006
32 of 50

We hoped and prayed Mel had got rid of those red boots for good, but oh no. They are back with a vengeance

3rd June 2008
33 of 50

Mel was super chuffed she'd done so well at the cruise ship singer auditions

18th May 2008
34 of 50

That belt looks like it's come straight off the Orange Is The New Black set

22nd July 2007
35 of 50

Channelling the worst part of Clueless in pink satin

28th June 2007
36 of 50

OK, the underwear modelling stint's over now. You can put them away

19th June 2008
37 of 50

Trying to steal Geri's thunder with that Union Jack clutch are we? We'll turn a blind eye to that grey woolly sock you're wearing

15th October 2008
38 of 50

Squeezing yourself into a clitoris-shaped hood is NEVER going to look good

12th February 2009
39 of 50

St.Trinian's school uniform meets gym workout gear

20th June 2009
40 of 50

Getting ready for a night out at Chinawhite, are we?

6th February 2013
41 of 50

Aren't boots meant to keep you warm?

2nd April 2011
42 of 50

Er, Mel? You don't have to co-ordinate with the background you know

16th September 2010
43 of 50

The only thing to do if someone wraps you in black Lycra is throw on a leopard coat

26th July 2009
44 of 50

In 2005, this was basically out going out OUT uniform

2nd September 2009
45 of 50

Top tip: if diamantes are surrounding your boobs, you know you should change your outfit

14th February 2010
46 of 50

Just WAY too much pink material for one dress...

22nd October 2009
47 of 50

Well that's a flattering jacket. NOT

12th October 2009
48 of 50

If you look through a kaleidoscope, this pattern is what you will find

27th March 2010
49 of 50

Well what else are you gonna wear to Perez Hilton's 32nd birthday party?

29th October 2011
50 of 50

A fascinator made out of your own hair. What a great idea...

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