Miley Cyrus goes undercover – quizzes public about what they really think about her (it’s not all good!)

It turns out some people just aren't a fan of Miley...


by Ellie Henman |

Miley Cyrus is barely recognisable as Australian news reporter Janet. In a dodgy wig, frumpy clothes and very dark lippy – Miley looks absolutely nothing like herself.

Which was perfect, seeing as she’d be sent onto the streets by Jimmy Kimmel to ask the public just what they thought of the twerking-mad popstar.

Answers ranged from the understandable “I prefer Taylor Swift” to the very awkward: “I don’t like her entire family”.

Another person said: “I think she just lost her mind in all the Hollywood madness.” Ouch.

The sketch featuring the 22-year-old is clocking up a huge amount of views on YouTube and we can see why. It’s absolutely hilarious.



OMG! What in the world is Miley Cyrus dancing on at her performance in G-A-Y?

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