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There are a number of reasons we feel very sorry for Generation Z. One being they’ll never understand the sheer delight of keeping a Tamagotchi pet alive for longer than 24 hours, and another they’ll probably never feel as goddamn swaggy as us after purchasing a pair of Tammy Girl’s camo combat trousers.

Another reason is they were deprived of the eclectic, innuendo-filled Saturday nights in Crinkley Bottom Noel Edmonds and his slightly terrifying big, pink spotty pal Mr Blobby brought us with Noel’s House Party.

The show ended in 1999 but Noel’s apparently keen to give the show a 21st Century reboot, and is reportedly pitching to broadcasters following his guest appearance on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway last month.

Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds

“Noel is involved in planning a pitch alongside a production team who will take it to TV execs,” a source told The Sun.

“He’s open to the show being modernised, but the basic format worked — that’s why it’s so fondly remembered.”

GALLERY: Footballers' Wives cast - then and now!


Footballers' wives then and now (slider)

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?1 of 22

Zoe Lucker (Tanya Turner) then

Oh, how we longed to be as sassy and self-aware as Tanya Turner back in the day. She was just QUEEN of the WAGs, wasn't she?

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?2 of 22
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Zoe Lucker (Tanya Turner) now

Since the show's cancellation in 2006, Zoe's done pretty bloomin' well for herself in the world of TV. She's gone on to secure leading roles; including playing Vanessa Gold in EastEnders (2010-2011) and Reenie McQueen in Hollyoaks (2015). Zoe also finished tenth in the 2009 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?3 of 22

Cristian Solimeno (Jason Turner) then

We had literally the biggest crush on bad boy Jason Turner in the early '00s. We're putting it down to the perfectly-preened facial hair and gruff voice, tbh.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?4 of 22
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Cristian Solimeno (Jason Turner) now

Cristian's Hollyoaks character Ray McCormick was killed off the show in 2013, but he's more recently directed a number of projects including 2011's The Glass Man.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?5 of 22

Gary Lucy (Kyle Pascoe) then

Chardonnay's other half Kyle was an absolute heartthrob, but where on Earth is he now?

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?6 of 22
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Gary Lucy (Kyle Pascoe) now

Arguably one of the show's most successful stars, Gary Lucy's currently getting his kit off on tour with The Full Monty. He also played Will Fletcher in The Bill and took part in Dancing on Ice twice.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?7 of 22

Susie Amy (Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe) then

We're not gonna lie, we very nearly changed our name to Chardonnay by deed poll thanks to Susie's Footballers' Wives character. CLASSY.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?8 of 22
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Susie Amy (Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe) now

Since leaving the show, Susie's appeared in Hotel Babylon and Coronation Street. Oh, and who can forget axed 2008 drama Echo Beach? A classic gone too soon.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?9 of 22

Ben Price (Conrad Gates) then

No prizes for guessing which famous footballer Ben's character Conrad Gates was styled on.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?10 of 22
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Ben Price (Conrad Gates) now

Ben's played Nick Tilsley in Coronation Street since 2009, which isn't bad going.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?11 of 22

Gillian Taylforth (Jackie Pascoe-Webb) then

We're not sure we'll ever forget Jackie's shagging-Jason-on-a-snooker table scene. What a moment.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?12 of 22
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Gillian Taylforth (Jackie Pascoe-Webb) now

Let's not forget Gillian first shot to fame as Kathy Beale in EastEnders; with her returning to Albert Square in 2015.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?13 of 22

Jamie Davis (Harley Lawson) then

Not only did Jamie appear in Footballers' Wives as Harley; he was also in the show's ITV2 spin-off, too.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?14 of 22
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Jamie Davis (Harley Lawson) now

Jamie's still a regular on the tellybox, and joined Casualty in 2013 as Max Walker.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?15 of 22

Nathan Constance (Ian Walmsley) then

We, again, fancied Ian a lot. No surprises there.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?16 of 22

Nathan Constance (Ian Walmsley) now

Nathan now lends his voice to video games, having worked on Titanfall and Battlefield 1.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?17 of 22

Daniel Schutzmann (Salvatore Biagi) then

Salvatore was just SO BLOODY SUAVE. Obsessed to this day.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?18 of 22
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Daniel Schutzmann (Salvatore Biagi) now

Daniel's since popped up in a few episodes of Coronation Street and appeared in almost 50 episodes of BBC drama Doctors as Franc Christophe. Oh, and he was in Neighbours.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?19 of 22

Katherine Monaghan (Donna Walmsley) then

Katherine's first major role was in Footballers' Wives, in which she played Ian's wife Donna.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?20 of 22
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Katherine Monaghan (Donna Walmsley) now

Much like Nathan, Katherine also works as a voiceover artist these days.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?21 of 22

Alison Newman (Hazel Bailey) then

Remember Earls Park F.C's club chairman Hazel? Scary af, she was.

Footballers' Wives: Where are the cast now?22 of 22
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Alison Newman (Hazel Bailey) now

In quite possibly the strangest Twitter feud of all time, Alison found herself getting into a disagreement with outspoken US rapper Azealia Banks back in 2015 over the treatment of women and the gay community. Still wouldn't mess with her.

In other TV reboot news, Paris Hilton recently hinted her early noughties reality show The Simple Life may be returning to our screens.

For those unfamiliar with the programme, it saw millionaire heiress Paris and Nicole Richie, daughter of soul sensation Lionel Richie, swap their lavish L.A. lifestyles for ‘normal’, unglamorous jobs.

paris and nicole

An episode often consisted of the girls refuse to muddy their stilettos during gruelling farm work or sacking off mundane admin jobs to take selfies on their SideKicks.

Basically, it was LIT (before lit was even a thing) and now Paris has hinted a reunion show may be on the cards.

After Paris and Nicole were pictured together at The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Awards in LA on Sunday 8th April, Paris tweeted a poll asking her followers whether or not the show should return.

Read more about that here.

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