Myleene Klass gets ‘gobshite’ on Countdown, wins points and we can’t stop laughing

You can't say words like that in front of Nick Hewer, Myleene!

Myleene Klass

by Laurence Mozafari |
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We've seen Zayn Malik quit One Direction, an imminent royal baby and a new Prime Minister poised to be chosen to run the country, but when Myleene Klass off chart floppers Hear'Say gets a swear on Countdown, that's when the internet sits up and listens.

So how did it go down?

Klass pulled out a seven-letter Irish swear - namely "gobshite" - while other contestants managed "ghosting".

Rachel Riley looking weirdly chuffed next to "gobshite"
Rachel Riley looking weirdly chuffed next to "gobshite"

In her defence, she did warn the show's host, lovely old Nick Hewer, that "it's a rude one".

Surely Klassy couldn't get away with using swear words on Countdown? We'd get in so much trouble if we tried to weave that into an essay at school.

But over in Dictionary Corner, Susie Dent confirmed the word is "chiefly Irish" and "vulgar slang". Huh, so it's fine to use, then?

Countdown has had its fair share of rude words played. Nick Hewer had to deal with "erection" a few weeks ago. Poor bloke.

We'll bring you more profanity filled Countdown words as Rachel Riley picks them.

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