Things to watch on Netflix before it’s hot enough to sunbath all weekend instead

Because there is nothing wrong with a weekend-long Netflix binge. We said so.

Kimmy Schmidt

by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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Summer's a coming. Which means, less time to watch Netflix. Cram in all this small screen goodness now while it's still socially acceptable not to leave the house all day.

From Bruce Willis in *Die Hard *to a Gilmore Girls reunion… Netflix has never looked so good!

New Netflix Originals

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Series Two (April 15)

Everyone’s favourite doomsday cult escapee returns for a second series. Sick of working for Jacqueline, Kimmy has a go at some new jobs: at an all-year Christmas store, then as an Uber driver. Hilarity ensues, natch.

It's already back on Netflix, so if you haven’t watched it yet cancel your weekend plans and hide under your duvet (it's like totally not hot enough to sunbathe anyway.)

The Get Down (August 12)

This hotly-anticipated series sees Baz Luhrmann’s first foray into the small screen. Set in 1970s New York City, The Get Down follows a rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers from Bronx tenements, to the SoHo art scene; from CBGB to Studio 54 and even the glass towers of the just-built World Trade Center. Full of hip-hop, punk and disco - prepare to get into the groove.

The Crown (November 4th)

And speaking of queens… here's another Netflix Original sure to get period drama fans out there excited. And Doctor Who fans, because it stars Matt Smith.

So basically, yes, everyone will like The Crown. Following the Queen in the early years of her reign it looks like a (stiff-upper-lipped) whirlwind of romance, drama and politics.

New series releases on Netflix

Gilmore Girls (TBC)

Gilmore Girls

Anyone who doesn’t like Gilmore Girls is either a) lying or b) lying, in our humble opinion. In four 90-minute movies, Netflix are bringing your favourite Stars Hollow residents back together, picking up life nine years after the original Gilmore Girls signed off the air. Nostalgia galore.

New movie releases on Netflix

Gladiator (18th May)

The stuff that epic Friday nights in on the sofa were literally made for. Maximus what's-his-face and his stellar co-cast are always worth a revisit, if only to oggle over the muscles and shed a tear or two. Are you not entertained?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (streaming now)

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans with superpowers? Hot, hot, hot. If you haven’t already converted to Marvel fandom, you need your eyes checking.

The latest of the franchise to hit Netflix sees Captain America in political territory, and its cleverer-than-usual script has led to it being heralded as a step above the others. Brains and looks? Count us in.

Frozen (streaming until the end of April)

Ah, Frozen. The new age Disney blockbuster and THAT song. You know, the one that every kid everywhere sang for what felt like forever… Well, if you had any resentment towards it, we think it’s time to Let It Go. Because even on a third/fourth/fifteenth watch Frozen is still full of lovely little surprises.

So get the girls round and have a sing-a-long before it disappears from Netflix. You know you want to.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (streaming now)

Wes Anderson’s spectacularly colourful (OK, we know he actually only uses three colours or whatever, but it looks SO pretty) film starring Ralph Fiennes is a proper delight to watch. Great storyline, comedy, drama, romance… it has it all and it's stylish to boot.

Die Hard (streaming now)

No introduction needed - one for all you Bruce Willis fangirls out there. Don’t be shy, we all love a bit of the B-dawg. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Especially when he’s at his muscley, brooding, Die Hard best.

Twilight 1-4 (streaming now)

As heat found out to much delight a few hungover Saturdays ago, the Twilight Saga is now on Netflix. Edward, Bella, Jacob and all the sparkly magical gang in one place? You’ll never face a bored hangover day again.

Good Will Hunting (streaming now)

And, last but not least….. possibly one of the best films of all time. Watch Robin Williams in all his glory and Matt Damon before he got all, well, Matt Damon-y.

And be amazed that this was the film that won Damon and Ben Affleck their first Oscar. Then think about Matt Damon's career in comparison to Ben Affleck's, and wonder -where did it all go wrong for Benj?

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