Neve Campbell joins House Of Cards, and she’s grief!

Frank had better watch out

neve campbell house of cards

by Anna Lewis |
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We were already RIDICULOUSLY excited about House Of Cards returning to Netflix this Friday (4 March), and now we’re positively losing it!

Forget Frank Underwood’s loyal aide, Doug Stamper, there’s a new sidekick in town, and she’s grief.

Claire Underwood is declaring war on her husband, and she’s got Neve Campbell to help her.

Neve joins the Emmy-winning series as political strategist Leann Harvey, and has spoken to Digital Spy about going "head-to-head with Frank" and whether we'll see her clash with counterpart Doug.

"We were calling her Lady Stamper on set," the Scream star revealed. "I think the dynamic between the two characters is going to be great fun to see play out."

Joel Kinnaman and Ellen Burstyn have also signed up for House Of Cards this season, with Oscar winner Ellen playing Claire's mother.

House Of Cards returns to Netflix Friday 4 March. So don’t make any plans this weekend…

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