New Girl Season 3: our favourite moments

heat’s ed-in-chief Lucie Cave wants to eat <i>New Girl</i>: Season 3 for breakfast. Here’s why...

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There are many reasons why I could dine on nothing but New Girl all day and night – but aside from Schmidt’s too-tight trousers and one liners it’s been the ‘Won’t they just snog NOW!!’ between Jess and Nick that’s had me pawing at the screen trying to push their faces together for the last two seasons.

I haven’t been more bothered by a couple since Britney and Justin split up. And aside from a brilliant serving of episodes that include Jess pretending to be Batman and a flashback to a teenage fat Schmidt shouting "Let me die!" – what makes Season 3 so must-see is that we properly get to find out what happens when Jess and Nick become Jick (as I like to call them).

Sweet, heartfelt, funny and searingly honest – they have stupid arguments about bills and clothes under the bed just like any normal couple. Coach comes back too. And Winston adopts a cat called Ferguson.

But that's not all. Here's our fav moments from *New Girl: *Season 3.

WARNING: some spoilers ahead.

Night peanuts


After Jess makes the mistake of going through Nick’s ‘box’ of unpaid bills in episode 5, Nick gets revenge by going through her bedroom only to find a bedside drawer full of monkey nuts and asks, "What are you? A zoo elephant?" "Those are my night peanuts", she replies. Of course they are.

Jess’ cover-ups


Nearly as good as when she starts singing all her sentences is when Jess tries to cover up what she’s accidentally just said. Like when she mentions the 'M-bomb' in front of Nick in episode 9. "We'll do that when we're married…. der be der be der... Merry... when we're very Merry Xmas"

Coach’s career advice


Not only does original room mate Coach return all his glory – but he reminds us why we loved him so when while attempting to give Jess career advice in episode 11 says “I’m called Coach, anyone else here named after their career?” before asking Schmidt, "Do people call you ‘marketing’?"

Birthday psycho


Episode 13. After thinking no one will ever be able to give her the birthday she wants – Nick’s cinematic tribute is enough to drive Jess (and us) to a blubbering wreck. But the best bit is Schmidt superimposing himself into an action film and blowing up a car while nonchalantly wishing Jess a happy birthday.

Colour blind


After Winston discovers he’s colour blind mid trying to get nick out of jail (he thinks his green shoes are brown). Schmidt says: "If you think those shoes are brown, what colour do you think you are?"

Sex brag

"You're one of us now"

Jess is desperately trying to impress the teachers at school who are are all being a bit Mean Girls. Jess struts into the teacher's lounge and tells them: "I got laid from my boyfriend this morning. Coitus no-one-interuptus. Because we finished". They stare back at her in stony silence.


Jess dresses up as Batman, after her and Nick start pretending to be Michael Keaton via email in a bid to cheer up Schmidt. Also she can't quite say 'Batmobile', instead calling it the "Batmanmobile" and it's amazing.

Fat Schmidt


In episode 9 there's a flashback to when a younger, fatter Schmidt. Seeing the notorious ladies man as a lardy man is one of the greatest moments of television we've ever seen.

Two words: Adam Brody







The geek God from The O.C. appears as one of Jess' ex-boyfs. We swooned when he told Jess "I'm going to leave my life for you". But it was when Jess tries to fend him off with a hose that really had us cracking up.

So those are just some of the reasons you should check out New Girl Season 3. And we hear it's available on DVD from November 17th.

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