Nick Grimshaw: ‘Rita Ora is like Joey Essex with a good weave’

We don't know, Joey's got pretty good hair too.

nick grimshaw and rita ora

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Nick Grimshaw has said he didn't realise Rita Ora was as "clueless" as he thought, until they joined this season's X Factor.

Grimmy, who joined Simon Cowell's show last month along with Rita, Simon and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, even likened the singer to former TOWIE star Joey Essex. Who, let's face it, isn't the sharpest tool in the box, bless him.

Speaking to The Sun, Nick jokingly said: "She is like Joey with a good weave."

Rita appaz also asked Grimmy where Tenerife was, when a male contestant on the ITV singing competition started singing in Spanish for his audition.

Nick and Rita got this Rolls-Royce from "uncle" Simon.

"I told her it was in the Caribbean and he's singing in French," he continued.

"When he ended, she was really serious and was like, 'You gave a good performance. When you started singing in French it became better.' Everyone in the arena lost it." Oh Rita.

Hello Rita's boob.

Well one thing's for sure, Rita's definitely got a better chest than Joey. Sorry Joe.

Earlier this week, the 24-year-old posted the picture above on Instagram showed off apart of he chest, revealing her boob for a magazine shoot.

Rita revealed her breast for a recent shoot she did for Glamour magazine.

She shared the snap to her 5 million Insta-followers and captioned it: "Another shot from my Glamour cover out on stands everywhere now! #bodyonme #becomfortableinyourcurves."

We don't think Rita will go and #BreakTheInternet with this one but jheez at least she has nicer hair than Joey.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is rescued from a segway by Nick Grimshaw

Rita Ora wacky outfits:


rita ora wacky outfits

Flare for errr...1 of 10

Flare for errr...

Taking 70s styling a tad too far at the BBC Radio 1 studios last month.

Multi-cray2 of 10


When Rita signed up to promote her own adidas designs she was SERIOUS. Look at all of that COLOUR.

Uh-oh3 of 10


Someone's being a mega rebel! That naughty word + her Kim K hair + the confused print = WOW.

Bed style4 of 10

Bed style

Feeling chilly but can't find your cardi? Chuck on the dog's blanket a la Rita.

Cloud 95 of 10

Cloud 9

Subtle just isn't in Ora's vocab. This OTT pink cloud look was something else entirely.

She's pants!6 of 10

She's pants!

At least she's wearing undercrackers, eh?

Magic eye7 of 10

Magic eye

Wearing an outfit made out of those hologram pencil cases we used to have at school? Ingenius.

Turkey8 of 10


Another example of "takes things too far". We bet that was on her school report.

Not so innocent9 of 10

Not so innocent

Who really needs a massive backpack when performing onstage? Also, those trousers... Net curtains or what?

rita-ora-bad-fashion-1010 of 10


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