Nick Grimshaw says he’s going to be a nice, honest, fair X Factor judge. Well that’s nice.

And he's not going to be horrid to people when they can't sing. That's nice too.


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Nick Grimshaw has insisted he's going to be a fair, honest, nice judge on this year's X Factor.

And as much as we love Grimmy and this is all nice and fair and honest... we want to see some drama. Channel your naughty but nice, inner Mel B.

Some contestants need to be told in a firm but firm way (not firm but fair way) that they cannot sing. Not only does it make for great TV viewing, it also stops delusional people who can't sing from thinking they can.

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Speaking for the first time about his new job role as a judge on* The X Factor* UK Grimmy said: “I think I will be nice when I need to be nice and I don’t think I would ever be mean to anyone because it must be so terrifying and nerve-wracking to get up on that stage, but I think I will be real and I will be honest.

“I think you can say ‘this is the wrong career for you’. If you can’t sing there is no point saying ‘you’re quite good’."

Grimmy will begin the audition stage of the competition in Manchester on Monday, adding: "If they are not going to win it or you don’t want to see them in the final I don’t think there is any point going any further.”

As well as joining the infamous foursome judging panel, Grimmy has also said he wants to start his own record label and management company - just like Simon Cowell.

Well Grimstar, you've got to be ruthless if you want to do that. Think like Simon in all aspects of life from now on. We want to see a good show!

These lot will be joining Simon in the judges' seats...
These lot will be joining Simon in the judges' seats...

In other X Factor news...

We know Simon, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Rita Ora will be joining Grimmy for a spot in the four X Factor hot-seats.

But poor Rita. Before she’s even muttered “a million per cent yes” as a judge on the ITV singing show, she’s being slated by the UK public, who’ve tweeted that she’s “awful”, “terrible” and, erm, “dirty”. Charming.

Now former X Factor star Cher Lloyd says that things aren’t about to get any easier.

In an interview with heat, Cher told us that she reckons Rita is going to have issues working with Chezza.

And, if anyone knows all about The X Factor and going head-to-head with Cheryl, it’s Cher.

“I was very surprised that Simon hired Rita,” she told us at the BCBG Summer Solstice party in LA.

“I was shocked – that’s for sure. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but I guess she’s young and very influential. She’s definitely on trend, but we’ll see…”


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And one Chezza probably wants to forget...

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