CBB: Nicola McLean was MEGA RUDE about Danielle Lloyd

Nicola McLean

by A Jakes |
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Before the series started on Tuesday (it feels like it's been on for MONTHS) we imagined Kim Kardashian would be watching Celebrity Big Brother through the crevices of her fingers with a sister rubbing her shoulders.

However, despite the odd water-downed story from ex lover Ray J, Kim K can put a frantic call to her publicist on hold. Metaphorically and literally. For now anyway.

It's a different story for Danielle Lloyd who has been the hot topic to slate in the CBB house.


During a conversation between fellow housemates Austin Armacost, Nicola McLean and Danielle's ex and CBB contestant Jamie O'Hara, they came on to the subject of WAGS.

Remember WAGS? When in circa 2005, we aspired to be in a gang with Chezza Cole, Vicky Beckham and Coleen Rooney having a natter about velvour trackies and Starbucks orders?

Cheyrl Cole

Despite Nicola actually being a WAG herself (she’s married to Tom Williams) the glamour model is NOT okay with people actually using the noughties acronym.

‘I don’t think any wives or girlfriends would call themselves a WAG,’ Nicola explained.

‘And if they did I’d think they were the biggest d******d in the whole entire world.’

Austin then asked: “Have you ever met a girl who that was her goal to become one?”

To which Nicola replied: ‘No, Jamie met one and married one.’


And Jamie didn’t disagree, as he laughed and joked: “Oh you f*****r.”

Nicola McLean definitely isn’t a fan of Danielle Lloyd and told The Sun before entering CBB that her family were ‘vile’ after her brother called her a ‘fat c**t’. Blimey.

She also previously said, ‘If Jamie’s got anything to say, let him say it, but it certainly won’t be me trying to get Jamie to slag off the mother of his children, as I’m a decent person, unlike most’

We see.

During last night’s show, Jamie also revealed he was struggling to support his wife and children with the amount of money Danielle was asking for.

‘When I was with her, I was earning really good money and she kind of expected that to continue.’

‘I’m not on that money no more!’

So many bad vibes innit?! BRB, we need to drink some hot chocolate and read something with a ‘true love’ in the title.

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