Is Nicola McLean’s husband going into the Celebrity Big Brother house?



by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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What did we even do with our lives before the Celebrity Big Brother All Stars series? Really?

Yeah, there was Christmas, and an entire month of stuffing our faces with cheese and prosecco at 8am.


Don’t judge us. We were being festive, OK.

But since 2017 started it’s been drama after drama – and most of that has come thanks to Celebrity Big Brother.

There have been fights over water bottles! Two stars have already quit! And Jedward managed to get nicest guy in the house, Jamie O’Hara, to absolutely loose it.


So what’s going to happen when NEW HOUSEMATES enter the house tonight?

We were told that there would be an extra dollop of celeb put into the house after the first live eviction this evening, and we’ve been in a guessing frenzy ever since.

But after Nicola McLean’s recent antics, does her husband’s tweet mean that HE is going into the house?

We really hope so.

You might remember that Nicola got a bit tipsy and had a rather cosy moment with Jamie a few nights ago.

Loads of people in the outside world called the whole thing ‘cringey AF’ as Calum Best, ever the charming gent, egged Nicola and Jamie to kiss.


No, Calum. Just no.

Since then, Nicola’s husband Tom Williams lashed out at Celebrity Big Brother for not showing certain bits of the show.

And now he has tweeted saying: “Bro these housemates are not ready for me #notonmylevel,”



Does this mean what we think it means? Is Tom heading into the house to prize Jamie’s massaging hands off of his wife? Will Calum best tell Tom he hates him to his face IRL?

Oh lordy we can’t wait.

Please be true. We’re probs not gonna be able to leave the house this weekend (THANKS SNOW) so this would be the perfect time for shit to kick off.

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