Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about The Night Manager’s first episode

No spoilers here.

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The BBC are at the top of their game at the minute, churning out incredible dramas non-stop. This week saw the first episode of *The Night Manager *premiere, and there was a lot of reaction. Absolutely loads of reaction, actually.

The first episode established a lot of characters amid the chaotic Arab Spring, where Tom Hiddleston’s character works as night manager at an upmarket Cairo hotel.

If you somehow missed the first episode and have no idea what all the fuss is about or you need to convince friends to start watching, you’re in the right place.

The show has one hell of a cast

We already told you absolutely everything you needed to know about the cast of The Night Manager, because it’s an incredible line-up. You’ve got Tom Hiddleston as protagonist and actual night manager Jonathan Pine, Hugh Laurie playing bad guy Richard Roper and Broadchurch super-detective Olivia Colman weighing in as Angela Burr, to name a few.

This might just be Tom Hiddleston’s interview for the 007 job

Dressed to impress? Check. Bond-esque flashy title sequence? Check. No stranger to action? Triple check. With reports swirling that Daniel Craig might actually have quit as 007, what better audition for the role than the lead part in an action packed, spy drama like The Night Manager?

It’s based on a book by John le Carré

Never heard of him? Think again. Le Carré is the man behind *Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy *and The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, which makes him a (somewhat unofficially) certified master spy novelist.

You’ll desperately need a holiday

The production value on this series is up there with some of the best, which isn’t surprising with an eye-watering $30 million budget for the entire series. It’s shot in some truly breathtaking locations, with incredible cinematography to match.

It’s got the best worst phone numbers in all of existence

The whole episode was bloomin’ brilliant, that’s for sure. But come on BBC, surely you could come up with a better fake number than that?

How did the first episode go down? Pretty well, actually…

The Night Manager continues at 9pm on 28 February on BBC One.

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