Olly Murs wants “lads on tour” holiday with Simon Cowell after The X Factor

The pair are good friends after working closely together on the show

Olly Murs

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Olly Murs may not have had the best time hosting The X Factor this year after prematurely revealing which act was leaving the show during Monica Michael’s elimination.

But he’s still kept series boss Simon Cowell on board – the singer is planning to fly off on holiday with the music mogul.

Simon jetted out to the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados this week with girlfriend Lauren Silverman, their son Eric and dogs Squiddly, Diddly and Freddie in tow.

And it seems Olly may be hoping the trip will be a raucous one as he’s already branded it “lads on tour”.

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The former X Factor contestant told the Daily Mirror: “Simon has been amazing. When we finished the show on Sunday he was so complimentary.

“We’ve got a great friendship and a great relationship. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to catch up with him.”

Meanwhile, while Olly admits he’s not sure if he’ll be back on The X Factor next year, he insists he thinks he’s a good television presenter despite his on-air blunders.

On criticism he and co-host Caroline Flack received this year, he told heatworld: “People just like to criticise The X Factor, I don’t think it was personal to me.

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“I think people know I’m a nice guy. I don’t think I’m a crap presenter, that’s for sure. I think people just want to take a dig at X Factor as much as they can.

“Unfortunately, me and Caroline and others were put in the firing line. But we really enjoyed it apart from that stuff.

“I loved going down to The X Factor every week and the atmosphere and when the cameras went live and it was live TV.

“There’s nothing better than that. Even with the mistake – I laughed about it. I never take myself too seriously, you’ve just got to enjoy it and embrace it. Life’s too short to worry about what happened two or three weeks ago.”

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Olly Murs wants "lads on tour" holiday with Simon Cowell after The X Factor

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