Phillip Schofield caught in hilarious This Morning BLUNDER 😂

It's happened to all of us - maybe not on live TV...

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

by Anna Sky Hulton |
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Ever tempted to check your phone when you shouldn't? You know, when you're in that boring meeting, or chatting to your friends and you see that notification out of the corner of your eye? Well, most of us would be pretty stuck in modern life without a mobile phone, and This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield is no different to the rest of us.

The incident happened after the signal with Alison Hammond, who was in King's Lynn, was lost. Alison was about to tell viewers how to enter their huge competition, but instead as the signal failed, Phillip and Holly Willoughby were caught off guard.

The TV presenter was rumbled on This Morning when the bad signal resulted in the camera going back to the presenters and he was caught looking at his phone! Admitting he was trying to post a photo on Instagram, he said, "I was on my phone!"

Before co-host Holly Willoughby questioned, "Were you entering the competition, you are not allowed to do that!"

Phillip then revealed, "No, I was about to Instagram about how you get tickets to the new series of 5 Gold Rings. So I was working."

As well as presenting This Morning, Phillip has been presenting the game show 5 Gold Rings since 2017. The game show sees two teams of two go head to head and the third series will be filming soon.

However, despite Phillip's excuse we have yet to see a post on his Instagram about how to get tickets for his other show!

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