Pizza Hut gift Georgia Steel a ‘loyalty’ card offering free food ALL YEAR LONG

Is this real life?


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In last night's episode of Love Island, contestant Georgia Steel’s ‘loyal’ obsession hit an all-time high.

Many fans have branded her the most UNLOYAL person on the show, especially after her shock split with beau Sam Bird.

As a result, lots of memes have been circulating on social media, mocking Georgia for her 'loyal' claims and repeated use of the word (which we now hate, BTW).

And now, Pizza Hut Restaurants have got involved in the banter. They've gifted Georgia with an exclusive ‘loyalty’ card to pay homage to her 'loyal' character. MEGA LOLZ.

pizza hut loyalty card georgia steel love island
©Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut have claimed that when Georgia returns from the villa, she will "be able to enjoy unlimited pizza, sides and cocktails across all of our Huts for the rest of the year."



Pizza Hut added: "we look forward to Georgia proving just how ‘loyal’ she is when it comes to visiting our restaurants."

No, we honestly can't stop laughing.

Also side note - want to gift us an unlimited Pizza Hut loyalty card, guys? We could desperately use one. Thanks.

SEE: The funniest memes about Georgia Steel being 'loyal' below:


Love Island Georgia Steel meme loyal - heat

georgia-steel-loyal-meme1 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

The Chicken Loyal

A chicken loyal, we're honestly crying.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme2 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

The Loyal Mail

Georgia is the new face of the Royal Mail - oh sorry, we mean Loyal Mail.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme3 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

Crabbe and Loyal

She's even made her debut on Harry Potter, as part of Crabbe and Loyal. LOLZ.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme4 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

Casino Loyale

Step aside Daniel Craig, Georgia Steel is the new main act of Casino Loyale.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme5 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

The Loyal Family

The Loyal Family just keep on expanding, don't they! Also we bow down to the Photoshop skills behind this pic.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme6 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

The Loyal Playlist

If Georgia was to have a Spotify playlist, it would look something like this...

georgia-steel-loyal-meme7 of 9

The Loyalty Card

ITV tweeted this pic of Love Island's Loyalty Card, which subsequently went viral. Get a Georgia-shaped stamp every time she says the word 'loyal'.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme8 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

The Loyal Navy

She was born in York, but made in the Loyal Navy.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme9 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

Susan Loyal

Susan Boyle has had a makeover, and now she's Susan Loyal. OMG.

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