Pop Idol series 2: Where are they now?

Remember this lot?

Pop Idol series 2 contestants Michelle McManus, Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes

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Long before the days of spinny chairs and Dermot O'Leary's dad dancing, there was one telly talent show we plonked ourselves on the sofa for every Saturday night;Pop Idol. Back in 2003 Simon Cowell, Neil Fox, Nicki Chapman and Pete Waterman set out to find another star after Will Young won the first series; and if you're anything like us you're probably wondering what the hell the contestants are up to now.

Don't kid yourself, hun. You're dying to know.

So BEHOLD; a look at the contestants of Pop Idol series 2. How many of 'em do you remember?

BELOW: Pop Idol series 2 - where are they now?


Pop Idol series 2: Where are they now?

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Michelle McManus then

Michelle won the show back in 2003.

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Michelle McManus now

Michelle's debut single All This Time (it was a tune, don't deny it) reached number 1, with her album The Meaning of Love charting at number 3. Since then, she's hosted STV's The Hour and joined Loose Women as a panelist in January 2018.

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Mark Rhodes then

Mark reached the final, coming in second place.

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Mark Rhodes now

Mark had a short-lived pop career as one half of Sam & Mark (with fellow Pop Idol alumni Sam Nixon); before moving into TV hosting the likes of TMI (alongside Caroline Flack) and Top of the Pops Reloaded.

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Sam Nixon then

Sam came third in the show and we fancied him quite a lot tbh.

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Sam Nixon now

Same as Mark, really. Also, can we discuss how brilliant Sam & Mark's cover of The Beatles' With a Little Help from My Friends was?

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Chris Hide then

Oh Chris was a cutie, wasn't he?

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Chris Hide now

After finishing in fourth place, Chris is now a singing teacher in Sussex.

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Susanne Manning then

Remember Susanne? The one with the well husky voice?

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Susanne Manning now

Susanne now hosts a radio show

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Roxanne Cooper then

Roxanne Cooper came sixth.

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Roxanne Cooper now

According to LinkedIn, Roxanne now owns Streetstars Dance Studio and is a professional vocalist, choreographer and IDTA dance teacher.

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Andy Scott-Lee then

Who can forget Lisa Scott-Lee off of Steps' brother Andy, eh?

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Andy Scott-Lee now

Andy married Liberty X star Michelle Heaton in 2006, though they separated in 2008 and divorced shortly after. He then married Lydia Louisa, who competed in the thirteenth series of Big Brother in 2012.

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Kim Gee then

Kim had our favourite bit on the classic Pop Idol Christmas single Happy Xmas (War is Over), tbh.

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Kim Gee now

A quick Google tells us Kim released a track called Walk in the Room post-Idol. So there you go.

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Marc Dillon then

Fun fact: Marc single-handedly kept hair gel manufacturers in business.

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Marc Dillon now

He now tours as a Michael Bublé and a Robbie Williams tribute act. Classic.

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Kirsty Crawford then

She made it to the live shows, but Kirsty was eliminated after just two weeks. Poor thing.

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Kirsty Crawford now

Glaswegian Kirsty went on to audition for The X Factor and The Voice (though none of the judges turned their chair for her.)

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