Is this PROOF that Celebrity Big Brother is fixed?


by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Ah, Celebrity Big Brother.

Over the years it has brought us Chantelle and Preston’s doomed love (twice), Tiffany Pollard’s jokes and strange rant about Gemma Collins wearing her shoes, and George Galloway pretending to be a cat.


That was SO weird we want you to relive it again.

CBB, how we love thee!

And it’s never short of controversy. Just take a look at this series.

It’s only been on the telly for three bloody days and there have already been accusations of bullying and contestants being 'homophobic'.

Plus, a shit tonne of secrets have been spilled thanks to Ray J and Stacy Francis.

But wait – have the conversations between these two stars been 100% organic?

Well we thought so.

But fans are throwing that into question and accusing Ray and Stacy of ‘scripting’ their chats.


Viewers have seen Ray J dishing the dirt on his relationship with Kim, and last night Stacy had a heart to heart with Coleen Nolan about what happened during her infamous fight with Ray J and Whitney Houston two days before Whitney died in 2012.

Now, Twitter reckons that the whole thing is set up and are throwing the big old ‘F’ word into the mix.


It’s not the first time this series either.

People were not having it that Calum Best had no idea his mum would be joining the house, and even Twitter troll Katie Hopkins had her say (quelle surprise).

And former contestant Jasmine Lennard has been adding fuel to the fire by claiming that she was approached by producers to go into the house this year and promised a place in the final.


Will we ever see a series where there AREN’T any fix claims? EH?

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