QUIZ: Are you kinky enough for Christian Grey?! (Gulp)

50 shades of grey

by A Jakes |
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There is sexy and then a notch higher there is 50 Shades Darker's Christian Grey. No arguments, I won't listen to them. Lalalala. All other opinions are invalid. Thank you for your time.

I mean, he's a self-made billionaire who considers helicopter rides as 'meh' as a food shop at Tesco. He knows what he wants instead of the 'I don't know, what do you wanna do babe?' He is FIT (oh hiya Jamie Dornan). His voice makes my ovaries ache a little.

But can you handle Mr Grey? Would you flinch at a nipple clamp? Recoil in horror at the first mention of a 'playroom'? Or would you give Christian a run for his money (there is a lot of it) and show him a thing or two when it comes to pleasure...



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