QUIZ: Would you rather… I’m a Celeb edition!

Joe swash

by Aimee Jakes |
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The jungle is closing very soon. The TV crew need to find somewhere to home 120,000 mealworms and Ant and Dec are probably of lusting for a lie in.

It's sadly coming to the end and we have had a RIGHT GOOD OLE TIME (apart from when Larry Lamb was snatched away by the tele gods obv). There has been glorious abs, brutal back-stabs and Scarlett being fab. Ant and Dec ate a packet of crisps during a trial. Whispers of a brewing love story and Bushtucker trials which were slammed for being too gory.

Talking of gory.

There have been Bushtucker trials which are so disgustingly VILE we have had to try not to wretch. Some which have made us spend 45 minutes with a pillow in our face. Some which we question the sanity of the person in that 9am meeting, who bravely proclaimed, ‘yeah you know a Kangaroo anus… let’s make someone eat it! How fun would that be!’

SO, take heat’s quiz, where we have made a would you rather, which is really hard. It is. There’s a bit in there about Louis Walsh in the bath, so yeah. Maybe our sanity needs to checked too. (Lol JK we are fiiiiiiine.)

Nervous laugh.

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