Ray J appears to SLAM Kardahians with weird AF game in the bath

Rubber ducks were involved...


by Ruby Norris |
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It's only been on for two nights but the new series of Celebrity Big Brother looks set to be a bit of a banger.

Partly because of the BRILLIANT mix of All Stars and New Stars, partly because of the promise of a whole load of MASSIVE TWISTS and partly because of Ray J.

(Remind yourself of the full line-up here, BTW.)

The US RnB star has already proved to be all kinds of contro. Firstly he's reported to have been paid a whopping $1 million plus $30,000 in expenses for the CBB gig.

AND he appeared to throw MAJOR shade at Kanye West during his entrance into the house.

(You can read all about this CBB newcomer here, BTW.)

In a clip shown on last nights Big Brother's Bit On The Side, Ray J can be seen taking some time out from the stresses of the house and enjoying a nice, relaxing bubble bath.


He proceeds to play with some rubber ducks while soaking.

Ray J pushes the ducks together in a kissing action and says: "I love you so much, I love you so much."

He's then caught in the act by housemate Calum Best, who walks in and observes: "He's with his rubber duckies!"

Ray J then replies: "Sorry about that man, I was doing my own little TV show."


He then continues with the little duck narrative, but it seems to take a bit of a dark turn, as the singer subtly disses he ex Kim Kardashian's family: "So, if y'all keep having kids in this house, y'all got to move out.

"You're 25 and you're 24, yet y'all still living with me and now I've got four more grandkids, something's got to change.

"Somebody got to go to work and earn money to feed the kids."


Perhaps a little reference to Kris Jenner's frequent moans when one of her kids move back into the family home?

Who knows…but whatever, a grown man playing with rubber ducks in the bath is still pretty, damn funny.

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