Here are ALL the reasons you NEED to watch Drake dance in his new video Hotline Bling

We love Drizzy, but...


by Maria Vallahis |
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Drake has released his music video for new track *Hotline Bling *and his dance moves are, well, to be nice to Drizzy, they're quite silly. He literally looks like your uncle dancing at that family wedding.

We think he's trying to depict some sort of Cha-Cha style and we're not sure what's worse, his dance moves or his dress sense. Sorry, Drizzy.

The video, directed by X, is truly a beautiful display of why the Canadian rapper should solely stick to using his vocal skills to wow us. Trust us, Drake live is the best thing ever, the guy puts on a show and a half.

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    Anywho, firstly, the clip opens up with some sort of phone sex hotline with a line of beautiful women taking calls, then Drizzy appears in a red jacket and boots.

    Among that, here are all the other reasons you *must *watch the below video...

    Looking like a builder meets ski instructor:

    For most of the video he looks like he's portraying Mr Miyagi:

    Praying to the finger gods:

    He's so exclusive, he uses two mobile phones at one time:

    We know he's dating Serena Williams, but why does his hairline mimic a tennis ball?

    The thrusting...

    The secret staircase - we don't know what's up there and it's driving us mad!

    This, just no. No?

    Then he falls asleep on this girl's butt...

    And despite this being an absolute banger of a tune, one thing is still for certain, he is forever bemoaning some girl that doesn't want to give him attention.

    It's also clear, it's inspired by that D.R.A.M. tune Cha Cha, which we love.

    Sooo, why don't you watch the video below and let us know what you think:

    Hotline Bling Video out now. @AppleMusic > >

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