Recently engaged Benedict Cumberbatch snogs Reese Witherspoon, who is definitely NOT his fiancee

Watch your favourite celebs lock lips here


by Owen Tonks |

We love a good old end-of-year tradition – whether it’s trying to squeeze our feet into a pair of toe-socks that are far too small on Christmas Day, attempting to eat so much food over the festive period that we end up stuffing grub through our eye sockets and down the back of our actual eyes because our mouths are so full, or burning the sprouts (it’s happened, we don’t know how either!).

Lovely things, no? Well, New York Times Magazine has a special video tradition all of its own, and this year it involves celebrities sucking each others’ faces RIGHT OFF just because publication bosses asked them to. Nice.

Enjoy this strange artiness with your eyes. Oh, and Happy Christmas!

Benedict Cumberbatch and Reese Witherspoon

If you want to imagine what it’s like kissing Benedict, even though he only got engaged last month, you can plan how to prise Reese Witherspoon off his beautiful lips by watching this millions of times. GET OFF, BIATCH!

Kristen Stewart and Chadwick Boseman

Yeah, because this is how every kiss goes – girl vibrates up and down in the dark before charging singing man from a distance, knocking him to the ground. Girl kisses man, removes herself from on top of him before waving and flashing a manic grin. Romantic.

Patricia Arquette and Jason Schwartzman

Well, if a strange woman in a deserted street kissed us on the nose before laughing in a sinister manner like this, we’d be as disturbed as Jason too.

David Oyewlowo and Timothy Spall

Timothy really doesn’t look too comfortable kissing David but we feel more uncomfortable with the fact Timothy looks almost dead before going in for the peck.

Jack O’Connell and Shailene Woodley

From Shailene beating Jack up to kissing him within seconds. Yeah, nothing abnormal here then.

Steve Carell and Laura Dern

HASHTAG AWKS! We would have giggled or just run off if a kiss took this long in real life but Laura really doesn’t seem to mind. It must be the very stylish and not-old-man-like-in-any-way cardigan Steve is wearing.

Rosaria Dawson and Jenny Slate

The girls are very excited about snogging each other in this clip – there’s confetti and everything! Oh, and would you look at that, they conveniently fall down onto the seat when the car stops for some face-on-face action. Quite literally face on top of face.

Julianne Moore and John Lithgow

Well, yeah, guys! With dancing like this we’d snog BOTH of you!

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Miles Teller

We’re not sure whether Miles is the groom running from the bride or if Gugu just really wants to cheat on her wedding day…

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