Macaulay Culkin also wants Donald Trump removed from Home Alone 2

Fans of the film want Trump's cameo removed - and they have Culkin's support.

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Donald Trump loves the sound of his own voice and the look of his own face. Even before he became a TV star via The Apprentice and then secured a seat in the Oval Office as President of the United States (which he is being booted out of on Inauguration Day, January 20) he has enjoyed ensuring that the world sees as much of him as possible.

He has signed up for various cameos and bit parts in the last few decades, popping up in shows like Sex and the City and films like Two Weeks' Notice. And notably, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, which fans have now called for Donald to be scrapped from in the wake of the Capitol protests, which turned into a coup.

Donald isn't the only member of the Trump family who has barged onto the screen unexpectedly - here's a look back at a simpler time when, to us, Donald Trump was simply some mediocre businessman with a love of the limelight.


Donald Trump & Co's Most Memorable Cameos

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The First Wives' Club

The best Trump cameo isn't even Donald's. It's his ex-wife Ivana, who shows up to give advice to the lead women of The First Wives' Club: 'Don't get mad, get everything.' Funny story: the script had to be rewritten when she came aboard as it mocked her plastic surgery.

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Little Rascals

We loved this film, which followed a ragtag bunch of boys as they pursued love, friendship and glory. Trump played the money-loving dad of bespectacled antagonist, Waldo.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Trump seemed right at home in this comedy about a family of rich, disconnected materialists. He played himself: the Banks family mistakenly believed that he was interested in purchasing their mansion.

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Gossip Girl

Oh Ivanka, Donald's favourite daughter. She followed in her dad's footsteps by securing a walk-on role in Gossip Girl.

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Home Alone 2

Little Kevin got lost in New York when his family left him behind, again. He had to deal with old nemeses, a scary pigeon woman, and a cameo from Donald Trump.

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Sex and the City

Donald was mentioned by name in the first episode of the beloved series, but she showed up for real a little later. His elderly friend romanced Samantha.

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Two Weeks' Notice

Do you think Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock regret having Donald on screen in their charming romantic comedy?

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Oh hey Melania! She showed up with Donald for a red carpet scene in Ben Stiller's hilarious fashion satire.

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The Nanny

Remember The Nanny? We loved The Nanny. It followed a Queens native who fell in love with a rich widower after becoming his kids' nanny. Trump popped up in a 1996 episode.

And even Kevin, AKA Macaulay Culkin, agrees that the film should be Donald-free. Responding to a tweet from a fan reading 'petition to digitally replace Trump in Home Alone 2 with 40-year-old Macaulay Culkin', he simply wrote: 'Sold.'

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